Alpine Physical Therapy: To Stay Injury Free, Stay Balanced

May is the month things start to ramp up. Race season is not right around the corner, it’s here. The Missoula Mile is on Sunday May 31. This is a great race to kick out the kinks and see where you’re lining up with your speed work. Not to mention a great fundraiser for local […]

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Boston Marathon

Dear Tim Mosbacher, I will need to get a refund from our Boston  training class. I remember in the fine print that you guaranteed to improve one’s time by at least a minute. I improved by 7 seconds. 7 lousy seconds. Had I stopped to kiss 1 (or more)  Wellesley girls my time would have […]

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Alpine Physical Therapy – Strengthening

As the days start to get longer and warmer more of us will start to migrate away from our indoor gym workouts and flock to the hills and trails for our workouts. We can run hills, do our speed work, tempo runs and distance runs on the fresh spring trails; the things we have waited […]

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Alpine Physical Therapy: Stability Exercises

This has been a pretty amazing February with the sunny weather. We have (jealously) been watching runners cruise past our windows at Alpine downtown, in light winter clothing to just t-shirts and shorts! It really makes us look forward to the upcoming months seeing so many people out already. This month Jamie and I have […]

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Teresa Gabriel

Courage to Start: Teresa Gabriel

Run Wild Missoula members can nominate peers who have overcome adversity to begin or maintain a running habit. Nominees receive the Courage to Start award, named after a book by John “The Penguin” Bingham. This month’s nominee is Teresa McKinney Gabriel. Teresa began running two years ago, when her husband Rod said she might enjoy […]

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View from the Back: My First Last Finish

When I decided to take on the Blue Mountain 30K I didn’t realize it would teach me so much. After running 11 Miles to Paradise earlier in the year I had fallen back in love with trail running. I was really looking forward to Blue Mountain. I wasn’t daunted by reports of a “challenging course;” […]

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Brad and Sue

Full Cycle

Run Wild Missoula thanks Sue Falsey for all she as done the last 8 years in making the Diva Day 5K a spectacular event for women.  Below Sue reflects on her running throughout the years and volunteering:                 First photo – back in May 1980, my first ever race! […]

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Diva Day – Course Marshals

Runners-thank a course marshal Diva Day runners: Every time you run, thank a marshal! I know you did this time and the marshals loved being there. A big thank you to: Thurston Elfstrom for organizing the men and to all the marshals: John Ault , Keith Blackwell , Kevin Boggs , David Boring , Steve […]

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Overall Diva - Janet Clark, showing off her style and grace in completing the course with her

Diva Day – October 4, 2013

Well, great! The weather finally cooperated this year. Sunny and bright, bright enough to show off all the grins and flashy outfits that almost a thousand women and girls wore for the 5K run and party on Diva Day, hosted by Community Medical Center. Photos do say more than words, so take a look at […]

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