Member Profile: James Johnson

Name:  James Johnson

Age:  43

Hometown:  Lincoln.  I’ve lived in Missoula/Lolo since 1988.

How long have you been running? and what got you into it?

Three years ago, my friends Ryan & Leigh suggested I sign up for the Run Wild Missoula marathon training course.  I had never been a runner before, but I was going through a very difficult time & I was looking for something that would keep me active.  Since then I’ve run four half-marathons, one full marathon and a whole bunch of 5ks.  I’m looking forward to training for the Missoula Marathon again this year.

Do you have a favorite run, trail or path?

I do most of my running up Mormon Creek road in Lolo.  It’s quiet & peaceful & goes up for a long ways at a pretty nice grade so it’s a really nice hill workout.  I’ve been enjoying a really good winter of trail running with a group of other RWM members.  It’s been a lot of fun learning some new trails and seeing how differently some familiar ones look under the snow.

Interests in addition to running:

I’m a writer.  Currently, I’m working on the script for a graphic novel based on a no-budget, but very fun, science fiction movie some friends & I filmed last year.  I think I’ve become a better writer since I began running.  I’ve gained a lot of confidence & focus & I just feel like my brain works better.

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