Race Directors Workshop Will Help Improve Missoula’s Running Community

Run Wild Missoula did something new this year: We put together a workshop for race directors and individuals interested in learning more about organizing a race. The idea of the workshop was originally to improve communication and sharing of strengths between Run Wild Missoula race directors, but as we thought about it more we decided to open it up to anyone who is interested in race directing. We hope the result will be that more members will show interest in becoming RWM volunteer race directors. We also hope that the day helped race directors in the community share information and ideas and our local races will only get better!

We had great feedback about the day and everyone agreed they learned a lot about organizing a race from logistics, insurance, permits to selling sponsorships, recruiting volunteers and giving runners what they want.

We hope to offer the event again and we hope attendees of the workshop developed more insight into what it takes to put on a race. If you are interested in attending the workshop if it’s offered again, please contact eva@runwildmissoula.org. Also, if you’re interested in taking on a leadership role with Run Wild Missoula, please contact eva@runwildmissoula.org. Our race directors are always looking for help and sometimes we’re even looking for new race directors.

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