Member Profile: Leela Robert

Name:  Leela Robert

Age:  26

Occupation:  Soon to be a graduate and an adventurist.

Hometown: (if you aren’t a native, what brought you to Missoula?):  Arlee/ Missoula

How long have you been running? and what got you into it?  I started running my senior year in High School on old logging roads on the outskirts of Arlee.  I liked it because it got me out exploring the beautiful country around the area and because it made me feel so good!

Are you training for a specific run now? I am training for the Missoula Marathon.  I thought it would be fun to do a 26-mile race the year I turned 26.

Do you have a favorite run, trail or path? I love all the places surrounding Missoula; Waterworks, Blue Mountain, the Rattlesnake, Pattee… anywhere with views that make me feel small.

Dogs on the run: Dogs are the best company on outdoorsy adventures!  My dog’s name is Tito Bandito. He is a Husky, Newfoundland mixture who will turn 4 in June.

Interests in addition to running: Yoga, Biking, Gardening,  and spending time with Tito.

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