Missoula Marathon Registration News

From now until race day, the first question that RWM members ask me will be, How’s registration coming?

I’ll get to that in a moment, but first, a bit of news regarding packet pickup. Race packets for the marathon and half marathon will be arranged by bib number rather than last name. Bib numbers will be available on the RWM Missoula Marathon website later in April.

OK, here are the registration numbers as of April 1: Half Marathon: 2,200; Marathon: 1,117; 5K: 175.

For the last few years, we’ve had at least one entrant from every state and the District of Columbia. So far this year, we are missing four states: Delaware, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and South Dakota. On the other hand, 55 Canadians have signed up so far, along with entrants from China, France, and Great Britain.
For the first time this year, we will cap entries: 1,500 for the marathon, 3,500 for the half marathon, and 1,000 for the 5K. Because registration prices increased at the end of January instead of mid-May as in previous years, there is really no way to make even a shaky prediction about whether we will hit the caps.

But we do know that, after June 30, entrance fees increase again, significantly. So, members who haven’t registered should do so soon.

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