Member Profile: Betsy Mulligan-Dague

Name: Betsy Mulligan-Dague  (56 in april) is the director at the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center.

Hometown:  I was born in Philadelphia and lived in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma before coming to Montana in 1989 to be with my sister.  I really wanted to be in Missoula, in part because of the peace sign that used to be in the North Hills and because it is such a great community.  I found work in Kalispell and then in 2000, I was able to get to Missoula.

How long have you been running? and what got you into it?  I was inspired to run by Ethel MacDonald, my friend.  I’ve done many Bloomsday runs (started doing then in 1994 when I quit smoking) and even did the Missoula Half Marathon in 2010.  But I really didn’t make it a habit or know what I was doing.  Running always left me exhausted and sore.  But still I longed to find an activity I enjoyed that would get me active and fit.  I signed up for the beginning running class with Miranda, Spring and Kelsi in September 2011 and have been running ever since.  I took the Galloway class to prepare for the 2012 Half Marathon and have really made the run-walk method my own.  I expect to have my best Bloomsday time ever this May.

Running has taught me a lot about life – like how to get up and out and keep going when you want to quit, how to accept limitations and challenges and work with what you have, but also how to keep reaching for new challenges and opportunities.  I am a wimp in cold weather, so I’s amazed that I have now kept running through 2 winters – must be something there! Maybe my work will inspire someone to get more active.  One of my favorite memories is rounding a corner near the end of the 2012 Missoula Marathon and hearing my 6 year old niece yell, “there’s my Auntie!”

Are you training for a specific run now?  Bloomsday in early May, the Missoula Half Marathon, and probably the Bitterroot Triathlon.  I’ve enjoyed going to as many Run Wild races as I can make.

Do you have a favorite run, trail or path? I live by Greenough park, so that and the Rattlesnake are where I usually go, but I also love the river trail.

Interests in addition to running: I ride a Harley – and also a Cannondale!  So I spend the summer alternating between the two.  And I’m a regular at the Monkey Bar Gym.  However, there’s not a lot more enjoyable than soaking in my hot tub with my husband (who happens to be my biggest fan and coach) after a good run. I enjoy my chocolate lab, Newman and cat, Siddhartha.

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