Member Profile: McCurdy Family

Meet the McCurdy Family, strong supporters of RWM.

Rob (age 41), Michelle, (38), Madison (14),Thea (11), Else (8).

Five years ago, Rob remembers that Michele’s sister and brother-in-law were having a good time running races, so they joined in and haven’t looked back.  “Running gives the family something we can all enjoy together, and keeps us in good condition for the other outdoor activities we enjoy” says Rob.

Growing up in Stevensville, Michele hiked everywhere she could.  To help stay in shape for backpack trips in the summer and skiing in the winter, Michele got into races as a walker.  “The more races we joined the easier it was to run.  I’m not a fast runner by any means, but do run whole races now”.  Getting the kids involved was an added bonus!  Now they anticipate what their times will be for each race and love it when they win prizes”, states Michele.

This awesome family ran five RWM races together last year and a few more individually. While Rob out paces the others, Madison and Thea are quickly catching up. Races that encourage  kids to dress up become favorites and they are currently looking forward to the Zombie Run!

Other family activities include skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, trail hiking and tent camping.  Rob and Madison also cover a lot of ground during hunting

Several chickens and fish, a cat and dog complete the menagerie of this active family who declare their favorite meal is making homemade pizza together.

By Terry Stekly

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