Race Prep Tips

As we get closer to the Missoula Marathon it’s time to start thinking about the things besides just the running. These are a collection of tips that we’ve collected over the years from our own experience and from other runner’s who shared their wisdom.

1. Run in the shoes you trained in.
2. Make the day before a long race a lazy day with minimal prolonged standing and walking. Be extra nice to your knees and feet.
3. In the few days or week leading up to a race do not do new things for your body because you just don’t know how your body will respond.
4. Don’t overdress – to help get it right you should be a bit cool before you start your warm-up.
5. A few pieces of toilet paper in your pocket never hurt.
6. Water and Electrolytes are equally important.
7. Schedule a massage for after, NOT before the race.
8. Believe in yourself and your training. Visualize yourself crossing the finish line.
9. You’ve finished! Get in the River to alleviate muscle soreness.

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