Run Wild Missoula – Running Library

Run Wild Missoula is starting a library for its members and we are asking for your help in getting it started.

Do you have a bunch of unused training manuals? Perhaps you have some how-to books on treating and avoiding injuries? Or maybe you have some really inspirational literature related to running and you just don’t know what to do with it now that the 2013 Missoula Marathon and half marathon are done? Well, donate them to RWM and let our staff help give these running books a new home, where they can be used by other running enthusiasts prior to or during their next adventure. 

If you have some old – or new – books lying around that you think would make a good addition to RWM’s running library, please contact Nick Lockridge (406-546-8211) or drop them off at RWM in the basement of the Runner’s Edge in downtown Missoula. We will sort through the materials and catalogue them for you. Please make sure the books are in useable condition, i.e. no missing pages, spine intact, etc. 

The library will be available to our members free of charge through a check-out system, which will be available to view both online and in-person at RWM.

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