Missoula Marathon: Recognition of Coaches

The Missoula Marathon was over almost one month ago, but we’re still hearing inspiring stories from participants. Many of them wouldn’t have completed their goal of running a marathon or half marathon without the help of their coaches or training partners. Run Wild Missoula is lucky to have several people volunteer to coach training classes to help local runners and walkers accomplish their goals. Those individuals include:

1. Anders Brooker, the coach of the Missoula Marathon Running Class, an 18-week program that meets twice a week
2. Candace Crosby, the coach of the Missoula Marathon Walking Class, a 16-week program that meets twice a week

Candace Crosby

3. Pam Gardiner and John Pitcairn, the coaches of the Missoula Marathon Galloway Class, a 23- or 18-week program that meets twice a week

Run Wild Missoula was able to acknowledge Anders, Candace, Pam and John at the training class post-race parties held during the weeks after the Missoula Marathon, with a plaque indicating their commitment. We cannot express the gratitude we have for the coaches and the volunteers who help them. They have inspired and supported more people than they can imagine and that has created a ripple of others in the community that get inspired by their friends.

The dedication and commitment of Run Wild Missoula’s volunteers is what makes our running community great. Thank you all for what you do to be a part of it.

by Eva Dunn-Froebig, RWM, Executive Director

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