Meet RWM members Jennifer Danielson and Julee Hall

Missoula is the hometown for these 33 year old twins.  Jennifer is a Speech Language Pathologist and Julee a preschool special education teacher. Read more about how they started running:

How long have you been running and what got you into it?  Jenny: I started running on the cross country team in high school. I fell out of practice for a while in my early twenties, but began slowly returning to running in the past few years. When Julee began running, my interest was renewed. It became something we could enjoy doing together easily and without a lot of fuss after we had our babies. Running is so versatile–It fulfills the need to get outside and be active, to be by myself, be social, spend quality time with my sister and my nephew, and most of all, spend time with my son Silas. He seems to enjoy riding in the stroller and it definitely adds something to my work out!!

Julee: I’ve been running for the last couple of years, because I wanted to have something fun and active I could do outside and be able to take my dog.  Then I decided to start doing some races and signed up for the Diva Day race in 2012.  I didn’t want to run by myself, so Jenny ran with me, even though she was 25 weeks pregnant! We had a great time and ever since then its grown into an activity that we share–racing and training together.

As sisters you are more supportive or competitive as you run a race? Jenny: We are definitely more supportive. Maybe because we are twins, we have never been very competitive with each other. Julee: We don’t always run together, but I would say we are definitely more supportive.

What keeps you going through a difficult run? Jenny: I think about the feeling I will have after I meet my goal–even if it is just finishing that run without walking–I really look for that feeling of accomplishment after tackling a challenge.

Julee: I usually just try to keep my goals in mind, but a good conversation goes a long way in a run. It’s great to run together, so that we can talk and catch up and the miles go by pretty quickly.

Do you have your next race planned? We hope to do several of the short races this fall like the pumpkin run and the Turkey Trot  and we are signed up the Sweathouse 1/2 marathon.

Has the running group contributed to your success? Jenny: In more ways than I could have anticipated. It definitely kept me motivated and gave me the support, information and confidence I needed in order to complete the 1/2 marathon. I like the positive support and the feeling of being part of a group.

Julee:  It was especially great to sign up for the training class because I liked having the routes planned out and liked to run with supportive and like minded people. Its especially great too that RWM offers races throughout the year.

Interests in addition to running? Jenny: I love hiking, traveling, books, and anything related to speech and language development or disorders. Julee: I love hiking and sewing when I have the time.

by Terry Stekly, RWM Member

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