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Are you a slower runner or walker? Do you sometimes feel intimidated by group events because you fear being alone or getting lost on the route?

Run Wild Missoula welcomes runners and walkers at any pace. We want to make that welcome even more inviting with a program of activities aimed at the Back of the Pack (BOP).

The program will evolve with time and with the involvement and suggestions of those who seek the group experience at a slower pace. Initial plans for the program include:
•    Develop a mailing list and forum for slower runners to communicate with one another. Click here to join the mailing list.
•    Match up running-walking buddies for RWM events such as Saturday Breakfast Runs/Walks, Beer Runs, and training programs like the Missoula Marathon Galloway Training Program

•    Submit regular articles, “View from the Back” for the RWM Newsletter.
•    Possibly sponsor and support speakers, training programs, seminar topics, and book discussions relevant to the BOP.

The passion for our sport is not confined to competitive runners who can legitimately aspire to win their events. Many of us carry the passion, even at a slower pace.  We enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, the health benefits, the emotional and mental calm, and the opportunity to share the experience with like-minded buddies.

Does this sound like fun to you? Would you like to stay in touch as we grow?

Click here to sign up for the Back of the Pack mailing list or to email Leader of Back Pam Gardiner questions or suggestions.

Last Best Finisher Award: The Back of the Pack celebrates the accomplishments of all runners and walkers. A new award will be presented at selected Run Wild Missoula races during the year. The Last Best Finisher award will recognize those who have the courage to start, the persistence to continue, and the commitment to finish -- even if it means coming in last. 

Bandannas for BOPS available!
Bright-green bandannas with BACK OF THE PACK inscribed across the diagonal are now available to pick up at the Runner's Edge. This idea grew out of our discussion about wanting to identify one another at races, group runs, and other places where runners and walkers gather. Thanks to the sponsorship of Run Wild Missoula, the Runners Edge, and Wellbuddies Coaching, one bandanna per BOPer will be distributed free of charge.

Back of the Pack Blogs
The Leader of the Back, Pam Gardiner, writes a monthly blog on Make It Missoula. Check out her recent posts:
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For more information, e-mail

Photos by Dariusz Janczewski.

This program sponsored in part by Wellbuddies Coaching.

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