Beer Run: Flathead Lake Brewery, Downtown Missoula


  Wednesday, September 24, 6 p.m., Flathead Lake Brewery, Missoula, MT

"5 Miles to Beer Thirty" There are a lot of things to get serious about; this ain't one of them. It's all about getting together with a bunch of like minded knuckleheads, going a few miles and getting together for a beverage or two afterward. What could be more fun on the last Wednesday of the month? Questions? Email Chancellor of Libations Pat Cross.

Sue Falsey and Brad Leonard are hosting the September Beer Run as a major milestone celebration:  
The Official Brad's 80th Birthday Beer Bash. September 24th, Flathead Lake Brewery Pubhouse (424 N. Higgins).
Come on upstairs to the third floor for free beer/wine/drinks and food. Yup, free. And the more the merrier, so come if you are running (BOP, FOP, MOP, NOP - Back, Middle, Front of Pack, and No Pack), come if you want to hang out, come to enjoy a great night in Missoula.   Hours are 5 until......  We will collect any runner's carbo-loading foods (pasta, rice, beans, etc.) for the Missoula Food Bank, so bring them along if you'd like but no obligation, just your company.

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