Galloway Half Marathon Training Class

Date: 03/02/2014
Cost: $75.00

COST:  Tuition is $75  (plus the processing fee for an approximate TOTAL of  $81)



This 19-week program begins Sunday, March 2 at 8 am at the Runners Edge. From March 9 through the rest of the season, it will start at The Loft (119 W Main St) and end with snacks and socializing at the Runners Edge.


The class also meets at 6pm on Tuesdays at the Runners Edge for an optional 45-minute group run.

Informal “buddy runs” meet at 6pm on Thursdays at McCormick Park. 



  • A 19-week training schedule that embodies Jeff Galloway’s conservative low-mileage, low-injury approach to distance running.
  • A program that employs Galloway’s trademarked run-walk-run approach, using very short run-walk intervals.  Interval ratios are assigned based on your current fitness, as reflected in a timed mile run or recent race results.  Training ratios range from 20 seconds run-60 seconds walk up to 2 minutes run-1 minute walk.  
  • Pace groups led by experienced and caring pace group leaders who offer personalized encouragement and coaching.
  • Water stations for longer runs and post-run snacks from the beginning of the program.
  • Galloway’s Training Programs book (first-year participants only)
  • A Galloway program technical t-shirt
  • A Galloway program participant’s medal and season-end party.
  • Special opportunities for face-to face time with Jeff Galloway during marathon weekend.

PREREQUISITES:  If you can run or run-walk 3 miles before your first class, you will be able to complete the training in time for the Missoula Half Marathon.


REGISTRATION:  All Galloway program registration is handled online at REGISTER NOW


(Please note that the registration webpage shows January 26 as the starting date because both half and full marathon programs register from the same page.)


Missoula Galloway Training: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of Run Wild Missoula to sign up for the class?

  • Other Run Wild Missoula classes require RWM member before registering for the training class, but the Galloway Program is a national program so we cannot require membership of everyone who registers for the class. We strongly encourage you to sign up for RWM membership. At only $25 each year you will save money on races and gear and will receive RWM's newsletter and be able to take advance of other benefits like group runs and social events. Plus, it's a great organization to support! Join today!

Why does the Galloway program require registration when other Run Wild Missoula training programs have less expensive options?

  • Run Wild Missoula provides this training under contract with Galloway Productions. We are one of more than 80 similar programs worldwide. Galloway conducts all program registration and other company business in partnership with

Why don’t program alumni pay less, since they don’t get the Training Programs book?

  • Under our RWM contract with Galloway, all participants pay his lower “alumni” rate ($99) vs. his standard $159 for first-year participants. Galloway Productions absorbs the cost of books for new members and accepts a lower profit share, due largely to the fact that RWM is a nonprofit and training is staffed by volunteers. Most Galloway training programs are run for profit by individuals or businesses.

Can I get a refund if I am injured or change my mind after I register?

  • The following is Galloway Productions’ policy on refunds: The training fee is non-refundable. Requests for refunds are considered for medical reasons only and must be accompanied by a physician's letter. They must be submitted prior to the half-way point in the training season. A $25 processing fee will be retained.
  • People who want to try out the Galloway class may attend up to three classes free of charge before registering for the season.

Can I switch between the Galloway class and other RWM classes without additional payment?

  • Since tuition for Galloway training and for other RWM classes are paid to different parties and have different benefits, switching from class to class is not practical. Please give serious thought to your decision before registering.

How does Galloway training differ from other RWM programs that prepare people for the Missoula Marathon and Half?

  • Galloway training benefits are described above. Key differences with other programs are the run-walk-run method and pace groups with group leaders who offer personalized attention and coaching.  
  • The run-walk-run approach and a cautious long-run training pace make this program attractive to newer, slower, and/or injury-prone runners.
  • RWM also offers an 18-week marathon-half marathon training program, coached by Anders Brooker, that starts March 9. The cost is $75 for RWM members and $100 for non-members (Includes a 1-year individual membership to RWM. No added processing fee).  
  • Finally, RWM offers a marathon-half marathon walking class coached by Candace Crosby that begins March 23.  The cost for 2013 was $40 for RWM members and $65 for non-members (Includes a 1-year individual membership to RWM. No added processing fee.); cost for 2014 has not yet been set.

Are classes cancelled in bad weather?

  • The classes are held under virtually any weather conditions. If the City of Missoula Police Department closed the streets to non-emergency travel, the class would be cancelled.
  • Participants are coached on the subjects of winter running safety equipment and techniques early in the program.

What if I cannot attend all the classes?

  • Many people meet their marathon or half marathon goals despite gaps in attendance. Their success comes with closely following the Galloway program schedule and training program principles on their own.  
  • Most people find that the camaraderie, encouragement, accountability, and personal attention that come with class attendance increase their likelihood of success.
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