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Start Entering Your 2015 Miles for the 1200 or 2000 Mile Club!

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How to Log Your Miles
To log your miles, please log in with your username and password in the right hand corner of this web site. Forgot your username and password? Click "forgot password." You may log your miles daily, weekly, monthly-- whatever works for you!  If you accidentally enter too many miles, just press the edit or delete graphic next to your mileage entry.  Mileage for 2015 must be logged into the system by January 20, 2016.

Why Log Your Miles?
This is a great way to see how much running our club really does! So post those miles and let’s see how far we go in 2015. Even if you don't think you will run 1200 or 2000 miles, log those miles! We want to see how much our club runs.

Some of you might feel that 1200 miles (or 2000 miles) is too big a number. Realize that if you run just over 23 miles a week for 52 weeks, you are in (or for the 2000 Mile Club just over 38 miles a week for 52 weeks)! If you typically run fewer, but train for a bigger race, you could easily reach the target. If you get within shooting distance in December, you could run a few extra miles just to say, “I did it!” 

Besides bragging rights, 1200/ 2000 Mile Club members in 2014 received a totally sweet RWM customized Saucony Speed of Lite backpack!  Questions?  Email Tony Banovich, at tonyb@runwildmissoula.org.

A list of 1200 /2000 Mile Club members for the year 2014 are listed below. Good luck and keep entering those 2015 miles!

2000 Mile Club in 2014

Jimmy Grant 3,455.00
Trisha Drobeck 3,394.00
Ken Ellis 3,187.00
Kristina Pattison 3,076.20
Tom Halverson 3,042.00
Malcolm Smith 3,034.00
Tim Mosbacher 2,806.60
Rhonda Copeland 2,801.00
Justin Grigg 2,423.60
Christine Everett 2,390.00
Steve Gideon 2,373.00
Ian Carlson 2,225.65
Catherine Redfern 2,100.55
Tony Banovich 2,099.00
Craig Macholz 2,043.19
Christy Griesse 2,007.75

1200 Mile Club in 2014

Lindsay Thane 1,852.00
Vo von Sehlen 1,850.00
Margaret Menendez 1,829.71
Tyler Johnson 1,810.25
Emily Sterbis 1,773.66
Andrew Drobeck 1,771.00
Sharon Sterbis 1,691.00
Cathy Sohlberg 1,690.63
Emilie Thane 1,685.47
Shaun Kendall 1,660.10
Mary Thane 1,641.00
David Schmetterling 1,628.00
Tammy Mocabee 1,617.00
Danelle Gjetmundsen 1,614.00
Roni Lett 1,603.00
Julie Gilchrist 1,571.00
Rebecca Kyle 1,525.60
Donna Ayres 1,518.00
Stephen Lodmell 1,504.10
Jenn Brewington 1,492.76
Shirley Zylstra 1,432.45
Teresa Gabriel 1,409.37
Amy Lewis 1,384.81
Pam Estill 1,384.80
Renee Bentham 1,330.13
Roger Lewis 1,310.30
Michael McGinnis 1,289.00
Steven R Holloway 1,284.50
Huw Griffiths 1,283.44
Ben Schmidt 1,276.00
Stacy Hunt 1,274.00
Jody West 1,260.74
Pat Bristol 1,245.73
Sara McAllister 1,241.00
Nichole Corona 1,240.00
Becky Kendall 1,237.60
Jeff Conley 1,235.00
Donn Livoni 1,233.30
Donna Bennett 1,226.53
Silke Jauck 1,225.60
Kate Oyler 1,224.00
teri johns 1,223.30
Keith Blackwell 1,220.70
Audrey Hulsey 1,206.24
Maryann Eikens 1,201.90
Photo by Votography
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