7 Races for a Hoodie

How many Run Wild Missoula races have you completed in 2015?  


Photo by Votography

Run Wild Missoula is excited to offer 7 Races for GOODIE in 2015!  We're excited to reward our members who go the extra mile and run 7 of our races in a calendar year.  Keep your membership current and make sure you're signing up to participate Run Wild Missoula races throughout 2015!  Check back here for updated participation lists - if you have questions or need to make a correction, email Results Manager, Sue Falsey.

Check the data for any corrections!  Click here for the totals for the first 9 races:

  • Catch Em If You Can,
  • Run for the Luck of It,
  • Run for the Trees, 
  • SuperFund,
  • Missoula Mile
  • Pengelly Double and Single Dips
  • Missoula 5K
  • Missoula Half Marathon
  • Missoula Marathon

2014 Information Below:

If you participated in 7 RWM races in 2014, the 2014 hoodies are in the Run Wild Missoula office for pick up!  Don't see your name or have questions? Contact Results Manager Sue Falsey.

Here is the participation for RWM 2014 races:  Click here to see the list for 2014 thru the final New Year's Run

Please check for completeness.  Send corrections to sue@runwildmissoula.org.

The races add up quickly, as do the miles for the 1200 & 2000 Mile Clubs. Good luck!


Photo by Votography


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