Jeff Galloway Series and Training

Jeff Galloway is coming to Missoula for a third consecutive year!
Between January 22-24:
* He is giving three free noon brown-bag talks with different topics & locations
* He is giving a free evening lecture
* He is giving a three-hour running school ($99 general admission, $49 for those registered for the training program)
* He is visiting two elementary schools
* He is meeting with Galloway training program leaders
* He is meeting with the Missoula Marathon Committee
Click here for full details while Jeff Galloway is in Missoula. Keep your eyes open for brochures and posters that will be appearing early in the New Year.
Spread the word!!
Questions:  Contact Pam Gardiner.

Run Wild Missoula is again sponsoring official Galloway Training Programs to prepare for the Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon.
* Marathon training begins January 27 and runs 24 weeks.  ($99) Click here for details.
* Half Marathon Training begins March 10 and runs 18 weeks.($75) Click here for details.
* Both classes use Galloway’s run-walk-run approach to distance.
* Classes are organized into pace groups to encourage mutual support and to ensure that no one is left behind.
* Participants should be able to run and/or walk 3 miles when the class begins.
Questions:  Contact Pam Gardiner.

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