Jeff Galloway Series Draws Crowds

This is the third time in as many years that nationally renowned Olympic runner, speaker, author, and coach Jeff Galloway came to Missoula in January.  Each year, Jeff has drawn a crowd at his signature “You Can Do It” public lecture, encouraging everyone to get off the couch and use his run-walk-run method to become more active while reducing the risk of injury. This year, we added some more events, and the community responded with enthusiasm.

Tuesday morning at Paxson School, Jeff talked with a hundred fourth and fifth graders about the benefits of activity, especially running.  He shared stories about young people overcoming their weaknesses and achieving great successes because they didn’t give up.

Tuesday noon at the Missoula Public Library, more than 50 people heard Jeff talk about running until the age of 100. That talk kicked off a new partnership between Run Wild Missoula and the Library, featuring a series of “Read and Run” discussions of books about running. For more information, see the Run Wild Missoula website.

Wednesday morning at Chief Charlo School, Jeff established his credentials with a short video in which he cooperates with Mickey Mouse and Goofy to track down a missing marathon medal.  More than 400 students from K-5th grades listened to his inspiring stories and peppered him with questions.
Wednesday noon saw Jeff talking with a brown-bag group in the new Runner’s Edge basement about the subject of getting faster.  Jeff encouraged people to take walk breaks throughout a marathon or half marathon to offset fatigue and finish strong, improving their overall time.

On Wednesday night, a good turnout at the Doubletree ensured that the message “You Can Do It:  Missoula Marathon or Half” got out widely.

On Thursday, the classroom at the Good Food Store overflowed with folks interested in the topic “Fat Burning for Runners.”  Jeff has written a book on the subject and enjoyed the chance to talk about the impact of of running and healthy diet on overall well-being.

The Galloway Series ended with his popular 3-hour running school at the Doubletree Thursday evening.  Thirty-five people turned out to hear more about the full range of topics Jeff had touched on during the week.
The Run Wild Missoula Galloway 24-week marathon training class ($99) began on Sunday January 27.  The Galloway half marathon training class begins March 10 ($75).  See the Run Wild Missoula website for links to more information and online registration.

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