Member Profile – Cody and Pamela Stekly

Names: Cody and Pamela Stekly
Ages: 30 and 31 respectively
Occupations: Field Technician and Office Manager

How long have you been running? 5 years (C) and 1 year (P)

How has the running group contributed to your success? We both agree that being part of Run Wild Missoula has improved our running success by getting us out on the road and trails more often, as well as providing fun encouragement to try some races. More importantly the friendships and camaraderie that have come along with our participation in RWM have inspired us to invest ourselves in the community of Missoula. The social support that comes along with this group has greatly contributed to the happiness of our family and we’ve made some great friends along the way.

Are there factors that motivate you to run? (Cody) Absolutely, besides the stress relief running provides, it has also inspired me to test my physical and mental boundaries. (Pame) The physical fitness factor is big for me (I want to be as fast as Cody someday), and I also find it a great way to spend time with my family and friends. The additional bonus is recreating outside in all four seasons!

Who are your real life heroes?
(Pame) I can’t choose just one hero, because I have met so many. I also believe everyone can be a hero at some point in their life. My parents in Chile have always been the heroes closest to my heart; they have worked hard to give me whatever I needed to succeed, and have overcome great obstacles to support me.
(Cody) I’m always inspired by the underdogs, or people that are so humble you’d never suspect their praise worthy actions. Also, catching up with old friends can reveal heroic events, I always love to hear about people’s adventures and accomplishments.

What one word or sentence sums you up as partners in life, running or racing?
Respect, Communication, Amor, we strive at all of these; however, Support seems to be the most abundant regarding life, running, and racing. We always can count on the other, and that’s a great feeling.

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