Run For The Luck Of It – 2013

Montana winters are long, there’s no question about it. We, as runners, run-walkers, and walkers, have to keep ourselves amused somehow, right?!?  Sometimes we need a little extra motivation to get out there and face whatever the jet stream brings.  Luckily, we have a lot of great events to push us out the door.  In February, there’s Catchem if You Can, where the boys try to catch the gals who have been given a three minute lead.  I’ll tell you what, I pretty much ran a 5K PR last year because I was determined not to let my husband catch me.  And he didn’t!  Then there’s Snow Joke in Seeley Lake at the end of the month that is a great test of stamina and gauge of fitness.  This race really is a joke on us runners because the weather is different every year: from snowy to windy, overcast to sunny, bitter cold to balmy; and the street surfaces go from wet to dry to slick to packed to pebbly to crunchy to, well you get the point.  But it’s a hoot of a race if you’re up for a halfer.  Then comes March with its micro bursts of spring calling all hibernators out from their dens.  The Missoula Marathon training class begins and everyone is excited to be shedding a layer of clothes.  But my favorite thing about March, biases aside, is the Run for the Luck of It!  It’s an early morning party, a cordial clash of athletes of all abilities, a profusion of green hues, clanking bling, and all out giddiness.  Yes, folks, that was my long introduction to announcing the Run for the Luck of It! 5K and 7 Mile races are back and awaiting your registrations!  Mark your calendars, race day is March 16th!

Registration this year is available online only – here.  Hey, it is a green race after all.  Rather than go on and on about the nitty-gritty details, I’ll refer you to the website where you’ll learn everything you need to know.  The prices are the same as last year and we’re giving away fun, sporty runner’s hats – perfect for shielding your eyes and face from all the elements.  In case you’ve never participated in the Run for the Luck of It! in years past, first, I’m completely aghast, second, what are you waiting for?!?!  We offer two distances (a 5K and 7 miler), two fun and funky courses, live entertainment, chip timing, top finisher prizes, a costume contest, a cool hat, delicious, piping-hot post-race stew (compliments of Sean Kelly’s), and a free Highlander Beer (compliments of Missoula Brewing Company) for those old enough to legally consume it (bring your ID!).  Seriously, there is nothing serious about Run for the Luck of It! except for the fact that you’re going to have a good time defying Montana’s winters, hanging out with friends, and getting the ol’ ticker pumping!  Plus, not to brag or anything, but we’ve been very lucky each year when it comes to weather, so let’s all knock on wood and hope we get lucky again this year.

So, here’s what to do now.  Sign up, then tell your friends to sign up, also tell those reluctant friends they should volunteer if they don’t want to run or walk it.  Start putting together your race-day attire; try it on and make sure nothing chafes, then safely store until the night before the race.  Pick up your race bib, timing chip and hat on March 15th at the Runner’s Edge.  Go home, get some rest, and then show up Saturday morning ready to have a good time.  Easy!  Until then, keep lacing ‘em up and dreaming of [shamrock] green races.  We’ll see you March 16th!

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact Jen von Sehlen.

This race would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors: Sean Kelly’s – A Public House, Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co., P.C., Valley Physical Therapy, Exact Image, Runner’s Edge, Missoula Brewing Company, and Garlington, Lohn, & Robinson

Jen von Sehlen, co-director

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