Run Wild Missoula End of the Year Survey Results Are In!

Thanks to everyone who filled out the 2012 end of year survey! We had 302 responses to the survey this year. We picked one person at random to receive a RWM shirt and that lucky individual was Teresa McKinney. She gets a long sleeved RWM technical top to keep her warm and safe this winter and spring.

Here are the survey results. Thank you for participating. Reading the survey is a great read and gives us an idea of who our club members are and how we can serve you all better.

1. When did you start running/walking?
Less than 1 year ago         17
1 to 3 years ago 65
3 to 5 years ago 56
5 to 10 years ago 36
10 to 20 years ago 46
More than 20 years ago 79
Other 2

Some comments:
-“RWM is the reason why I entertained a full Marathon and was able to complete it!”
-“Over the years, I’ve run here and there but nothing of any significance. I joined the RWM MSO marathon training class in 2010 and have been hooked ever since.”
-“I started run/walking with the Galloway Method on 11/30/11 at the Beer Run. I loved it, so I kept at it. I completed the 2012 full marathon in July.”

2. Why did you start running/walking?
In school to participate in cross country or track 45
To get fit or lose weight                                           182
For mental health                                                     121
To accomplish a goal of running a race                        97
I was inspired by someone else who runs or walks        84
For the competition                                                    28
To make friends                                                         38
Other                                                                        31

Some comments:
– My co-worker, Miranda Ming, encouraged another co-worker to walk the Diva Day 5k and I wanted to participate too. Now I am hooked on the local 5k races. I find the people who organize and run in the local races extremely encouraging and friendly.
– I had quit smoking over a year before, had been working out with biking, weight lifting, and yoga and I just thought one day … “running sounds like fun.” So, I started.
– Our daughter, Jen Blood asked me to run/walk with her the summer before last. I thought she was crazy! I’m over 60 years old. She said that she thought I could do it… So I did. Four races that summer and two or three more the following summer. It’s fun!

3. What’s the longest distance you have ever run/walked?
1 to 3 miles 0
3 to 5 miles 8
5 to 8 miles 12
8 to 10 miles 5
10 miles to a half marathon 58
half marathon to a marathon 177
more than a marathon 35
Other 5

4. Approximately how many miles did you run or walk in 2012? (If you ran or walked 1200 or more we hope you tracked your miles for the 1200 Mile Club or the 2000 Mile Club.)
0 to 100         23
101 to 250 26
251 to 500 55
501 to 750 68
751 to 1000 50
1001 to 1200 19
1201 or more 42
Other 13

5. What motivates you to run / walk? (Check all that apply.)
To stay fit                        276
To relieve stress 231
To accomplish a race goal 198
To challenge myself 214
For mental health 214
Social reasons 125
Other 22

6. How does Run Wild Missoula help you stay motivated to run or walk?
Group runs                                                      140
(Saturday Breakfast Runs, Tuesday Track, Beer Runs and Back of the Pack Runs)
Training Classes                                        143
Education events like the monthly seminars  92
Incentives                                                        130
(1200/2000 Mile Club and 7 Races to a Hoodie)
The monthly newsletter                                   152
Social media                                                   68
Other                                                         14

7. What else could Run Wild Missoula do to promote running / walking and a healthy lifestyle in Missoula?
– Get more stories about the club and club members-especially about middle- and back-of-the-pack members–in the news and other media outlets. Forge alliances with other organizations with some connection to living good lives, from religious organizations to other outdoor organizations. Raise your profile in schools, from K-12 through the university levels.
– – RWM does an amazing job, keep up the good work. I really like how you are all inclusive of local people and local businesses. I like to see the networking that you do around Missoula.
– I think the newspaper article that featured the charitable contributions of the group was very important. Anything that supports our visibility, make sure the community knows that we cooperate with others who train runners.
– Run Wild is doing a great job. It’s hard to find something to improve, but I’d say keep pushing (and helping) the city to connect and light trails around town.
– Collaboration with schools to get more kids interested. Some ideas would be more 3k races, helping to get kids to / from an event and dedicated areas and activities for kids at a normal race (similar to Missoula Marathon, but extended to some of the other smaller races). More trail races.

8. Why are you a member of Run Wild Missoula? 
Sense of belonging/camaraderie                     197
Discounts on race registrations and class fees   216
Free group runs/walks                                  152
Discounts offered by local businesses             108
Newsletter and communication                      176
Free Runners ID tag                                     46
Incentives                                                            96
(like the 1200/2000 Mile Club and 7 Races for a Goodie)
Other                                                          32

9. What else could Run Wild Missoula do to encourage and retain memberships?
– It would also be cool if I could buy a season pass to all the RWM races, and perhaps other local races.
– Just keeping it fresh and always adding new and fun incentives, runs and events. I think that’s what you’ve been doing and it’s working.
– Promote the membership benefits to existing members more often. Encourage a referral program.
– Not sure although I think reminding people that not only should they join because of what RWM can do for them but they should join because it is the best way to support running in this town.
– Keep it low cost.

10. What was your most memorable running/walking experience in 2012? 
– I walked the half marathon with my mom as it was her first and she is not a runner. At mile 6 she was so inspired by the race and all those around her that she actually wanted to jog!! We did that in short spurts the rest of the half! What an accomplishment for her!! She crossed her first ever finish line at the age of 62!!! It was amazing to be with her each mile, and hard as well as I am a runner, but my goal was to be her support the whole way and cross with her as she accomplished something she never thought she would do!!!
– Going to my first Breakfast Run the first Saturday in December and being so welcomed by Donna Bennett from the Back of the Pack group.
– Running 7 races and qualifying for the hoodie alongside my best friend. Also, improving my time on the Missoula 1/2 Marathon.
– Solo (>26 mi) mountain run in the San Rafael Wilderness in central California. Epic vistas and trails. Solitude.
– I always look forward to my 2 favorite runs of the year; Bloomsday and the Missoula (1/2) Marathon. Although, my most memorable of 2012 was at the LuLu Lemon SeaWheeze 1/2 marathon in Vancouver, BC. They organized a post-race yoga class for over 1,000 participants. The class was held on Kits Beach at sunset – it was pretty spectacular to say the least.
– Hard to say, I loved every RWM and other runs I did!
– Missoula Marathon. It’s my favorite marathon I’ve ever done because I don’t have to travel, the course is relatively flat, and it’s run so well.
– The Missoula marathon training run on a Sunday that started at Hawthorne school. It was raining so hard and so chilly. Everyone just kept running, talk about dedication, WOW. That was inspiring. I think I was shivering for days after that, but I still head out in all kinds of weather.
– For me, it was leading the marathon walkers on the long training walks. There were five of us who completed the full marathon. I so enjoyed the company of these determined, amazing women!

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