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Missoula Marathon: “Art Of The Run”

ART OF THE RUN JULY 5-15, 2013 Be a part of an art show representing the love of running! “Art of the Run” will be a juried show of recently completed works held in conjunction with the Missoula Marathon. This is a joint venture of Run Wild Missoula and Dana Gallery.  It celebrates Missoula as […]

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Why Do Drills??

If you want to improve as a runner and prevent injury, you need to do more than just run.  Running drills can be a great way to help you do both.  Running drills provide dynamic flexibility, strength training specific to running, and will help to improve your running form. What does this mean? You become […]

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Member Profile: Betsy Mulligan-Dague

Name: Betsy Mulligan-Dague  (56 in april) is the director at the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center. Hometown:  I was born in Philadelphia and lived in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma before coming to Montana in 1989 to be with my sister.  I really wanted to be in Missoula, in part because of the peace sign that used […]

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View From The Back: Help Wanted

The Back of the Pack (or BOP) emerged on the Run Wild Missoula scene about 2.5 years ago. The BOP e-mail list will soon pass 170, representing more than 10 percent of total Run Wild membership. The BOP has name recognition within the running community, and plays an influential role in building club events that […]

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Returning Fom Injury

It was around this time last year I tried to start running again and began training for the Missoula Marathon- the 2013 Missoula Marathon. That training lasted through the summer when I suffered another setback.  I resumed training again this winter, and joined the Missoula Marathon Training class this spring.   The last time I […]

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Reflections on the Boston Marathon

April 16, 2013 Caroline Spencer, Sara Stahl and Pam Estill at the Boston Marathon  I’m on my way home from Boston where, as you may know, I was among the 25,000 people who awoke yesterday to run the world’s greatest marathon and went to bed having been at the heart of a national tragedy. Enough […]

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Run Wild Missoula Encourages Community to Continue to Run and Honor Boston; Safety is Top Priority for Missoula Marathon

For Immediate Release: April 17, 2013 Contact: Eva Dunn-Froebig, Executive Director, 544-3150, Anders Brooker, Missoula Marathon Race Director, 544-9521, Run Wild Missoula Encourages Community to Continue to Run and Honor Boston; Safety is Top Priority for Missoula Marathon  Missoula—Run Wild Missoula encourages the community to continue to run and race in honor of […]

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Run For The Luck Of It: Race Recap

Record crowds, a sprinkling of good luck, a fond farewell, and a guy named Mike: The RFTLOI 2013 Race Long Narrative The 4th edition of the Run for the Luck of It! 5K/7-Mile has come and gone.  March has come and gone.  Boy, time sure does fly when you’re in full blown race mode.  I […]

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Missoula Marathon Registration News

From now until race day, the first question that RWM members ask me will be, How’s registration coming? I’ll get to that in a moment, but first, a bit of news regarding packet pickup. Race packets for the marathon and half marathon will be arranged by bib number rather than last name. Bib numbers will […]

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