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BOP-Friendly Races

Missoula is lucky to have such a large and supportive Back of the Pack running community. I got a reminder of that recently during the Governor’s Cup Marathon in Helena. I ended up stopping halfway through, partly because of a screaming knee. But probably an equal factor was my self-consciousness about the fact that the […]

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Member Spotlight July 2013

“If it’s 90 degrees, think snow!” RWM members James Johnson, Swan Swanson, Tommy Burton, Pam Stekly, Brenda Garren, Amy Lewis and Misty Fox-Gaubatz  are a reminder that running is at its best any time of year. Whether  wild flowers are in bloom or snow covers the hills, runners enjoy the miles and support that membership […]

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Race Prep Tips

As we get closer to the Missoula Marathon it’s time to start thinking about the things besides just the running. These are a collection of tips that we’ve collected over the years from our own experience and from other runner’s who shared their wisdom. 1. Run in the shoes you trained in.2. Make the day […]

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Jeff Galloway is here for Missoula Marathon Weekend

Run Wild Missoula and the Missoula Marathon enjoy a growing relationship with Jeff Galloway, nationally known author, speaker, and running coach.  Galloway has developed a trademarked approach that he calls “run-walk-run.”  That approach, which alternates between running segments and walk breaks, has enabled hundreds of thousands to train injury-free for events like the Missoula Marathon. […]

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Letter from the Executive Director: Running Despite Adversity

I have only run two marathons, but I faced challenges while training for both of them and those challenges made me feel stronger and feel more empowered to run. I broke my ankle while training for my first marathon in 2003 and the injury made me more determined to heal quickly and pick another goal […]

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RWM and the Road Runners Club of America Convention

Along with Executive Director Eva Dunn-Froebig we had the honor of representing RWM at the Road Runners Club of America national convention in Albuquerque, NM from May 2nd through May 5th.   The convention was hosted by the Albuquerque Road Runners, which has 515 members. We tried to do a good job representing our club […]

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Road Runners Club of America: Albuquerque Convention

The Speakers:Bob Julyan was our first speaker at the Friday Luncheon.  Bob is a well- known New Mexico author, speaker and has been running for 45 years. For a long time he wrote a running column for the Albuquerque Journal. He talked about going over to the local track and would see a guy who […]

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Larger than Life: Joanie

It was August 5, 1984.  The Los Angeles Coliseum. Her mother hugged her and whispered, “Now you can stop.”  Other friends and supporters echoed the theme:  You have made your mark on history, now you can move on.  You have won the first-ever women’s Olympic marathon.  Now you can settle down. Relax.  Rest on your […]

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Member Profile: McCurdy Family

Meet the McCurdy Family, strong supporters of RWM. Rob (age 41), Michelle, (38), Madison (14),Thea (11), Else (8). Five years ago, Rob remembers that Michele’s sister and brother-in-law were having a good time running races, so they joined in and haven’t looked back.  “Running gives the family something we can all enjoy together, and keeps […]

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