Tread Of The Undead Zombie 5K

The organizers of the Tread Of The Undead Zombie 5K are currently seeking volunteers to help out in preparation & on race day, Sunday October 27.  Anyone who is interested in volunteering for what promises to be a very fun and unique race should contact the Volunteer Coordinator James Johnson or the Race Director Rebecca Collinson (To clarify, the role of zombie is for the most part, not a volunteer position. Registration will open soon to register to be a zombie if this is the position you desire.)

Also please do not forget the Tread of the Undead Zombie 5k contest. The deadline to submit entries is Sunday September 15. See more details below.

Tread of the Undead Zombie 5k contest:
By now we have all heard the rumors that something is not quite right in the Missoula Valley. A few people have even claimed to have seen them; creatures better left to legend, shambling through the outskirts of town. Of course, such a thing is ridiculous. Zombies in Missoula? Such a thing would be  too terrible to imagine. But someone must know the truth behind the rumors. And that someone could be you.

On October 27, the Tread of the Undead Zombie 5K, sponsored by Run Wild Missoula will take place at Fort Missoula. In preparation for the race, we are holding a contest, asking people to submit a short essay explaining the reason why Missoula has been overrun by the zombies. Be as creative, funny, scary, & imaginative as you can and the best entry will receive a free race entry. Your deadline is Sunday September 15. Please submit your essay to

by Rebecca Collinson

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