Letter from the Executive Director: Thank You For Attending the Annual Meeting

Thank you to everyone for attending the Run Wild Missoula Annual Meeting of Members this past month. With over 150 people in attendance, this event keeps getting bigger and better as our club continues to grow and thrive.

The evening started with a group run from member JB Yonce’s house in the upper Rattlesnake. It was a warm day, but we were greeted with cold Gatorade and beer at the close of the run. After dinner, catered by Two Sisters, we pulled out our lawn chairs and blankets and listened to emcee Carol Lipp, the new Run Wild Missoula board Secretary. Carol did a fantastic job leading our meeting and awards. She began the evening with a Top 10 List that we could all relate to. Carol quickly had us laughing and standing as she read off the top 10 reasons you know you are a runner. She asked us to stand if we could relate to one of the reasons.

You know you’re a runner when;
1. Your training Partner knows more about your bodily functions than your significant other.
2. Your holiday and birthday wish list can be fulfilled at the Runners Edge.
3. You go into Starbucks to use the bathroom versus buy coffee
4. You no longer fear using a porta potty, in fact you seek them out.
5. You know how to correctly spell and pronounce plantar fasciitis.
6. You’re annoyed when your GPS watch takes too long to locate satellites.
7. When you hear the word bib; you associate it with a race not a baby.
8. The only time a major remodel or project takes place is during the taper.
9. You know exactly where one mile is from your front door no matter what direction you go.
10. You spend more time searching for running routes when out on vacation then you do looking for places to eat.
By the end, everyone was standing.

The highlight of the evening was hearing the award winners and watching them go on stage to collect their distinguished plaque. The winners included:

* Volunteer Race Director of the Year: Jen von Sehlen, Run for the Luck of It
* Male Runner of the Year: Jimmy Grant
* Female Runner of the Year: Elizabeth Paddock
* Male Masters Runner of the Year: Kiefer Hahn
* Female Master Runner of the Year: Christine Everett
* Trail Runner of the Year: Margie Menendez
* Inspirational Member of the Year: Meg Brooker

I’d like to thank all of our members for making Missoula an amazing running community. Thanks to JB Yonce for offering a beautiful setting for the meeting and thank you to Big Sky Brewing for providing the beverages.

Run Wild,
Eva Dunn-Froebig

Montana Cup Bus
Cross country season is here. Ride the Bus to the Montana Cup with Run Wild Missoula.
Let’s show Montana what Missoula’s got! Montana Cup is a cross-country meet and a team event. Visit the Montana Cup web site for more information and to register and get your team jersey.

The bus is FREE and will leave on the morning of Saturday, November 2 to drive to Deer Lodge and will return to Missoula in the evening after the race. Run Wild Missoula will provide refreshments on the way to Deer Lodge.

Please email Andy Tucknott by October 15 to reserve your seat on the bus.  Andy will fill seats on the bus after that, but will make no guarantees that seats are available after October 15.

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