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Member Spotlight: Rita Cerasoli

Name:  Rita CerasoliAge: 51Occupation: Accountant Are you new to the sport of running or seasoned? Seasoned (32 years…yikes!) What motivates you to be in motion?  Runner’s high! Your next race? Maybe the Sweathouse Half in Victor Do you have a long term race goal? To break two hours in the Half Marathon next year. What […]

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View from the Back: How I Became a Runner

In December of 2011 I decided on a whim that I was going to become a runner. I was watching a former “Biggest Looser” do the Iron Man Hawaii on TV, and thought, I could do that…I just have to learn to run…and bike…and swim first. Running sounds cheap, I will start with that. That […]

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18th Annual Pumpkin Run at the Osprey Baseball Stadium

Prize for Overall Winner at 113th Place! If possible, the Pumpkin Run 400 meter and 5K will again finish at Home Plate in the Osprey Baseball Stadium.  Race day registration starting at 8:35 AM is also at the Osprey Baseball Stadium.  We are still looking for a cloister of monks to perform Gregorian Chants; I […]

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Courage to Start

It’s generally accepted that some of the best stories from any marathon can be found as those in the back of the pack cross the finish line. There you find people who’ve battled illness, injuries, weight, every personal demon you can imagine. Their successful finishes are rightfully celebrated. Run Wild Missoula thinks something else should […]

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Alpine PT – Treadmill Running

Can running on a treadmill take the place of running outside when the smoke is bad?  The levels of smoke in the air fluctuate from day to day.  If you are training for a specific event it may be hard to decide whether it is better to turn indoors to a treadmill or keep running […]

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