Letter from the Executive Director: Safety Is A Priority

As the autumn and winter days get darker and colder, safety comes to the forefront of my mind even more than it does during the warm, light-filled summer months. Staying motivated to run becomes harder in the dark, but when we do get out it’s important to take safety precautions like wearing bright, reflective clothing, and lights on our front and in back in order to see and be seen.

Run Wild Missoula also thinks about being prepared in case of a medical emergency at our races, training classes and group runs. We own two AEDs and make them both available at all of our events, and have a doctor, nurse, EMT and as many CPR and first aid certified volunteers available as possible at all RWM races. We also want as many of you, our members and dedicated volunteers, to be prepared in case a fellow runner is in trouble. That’s why we’re offering a Heartsaver CPR, First Aid and AED class on Monday, November 18 from 5 – 9 p.m. in the Runners Edge basement classroom. The cost is $25 and includes a delicious dinner. Register at https://runwildmissoula.webconnex.com/heartsaver The class will teach you how to deal with emergencies related to sudden illnesses, including heart attacks, CPR, and how to use an AED. Course content also includes common sense approaches to emergencies, first aid kits, poisoning, accidents and more. The certification is good for two years.

Superfun(d) Run Race Director Sue Furey will teach the class. Sue is also a teacher in the Missoula County Public School district. Sue has been teaching First Aid and CPR for the AHA and ARC since 1975. She lives in Bonner with her husband and dog and has three grown men children and two grandchildren.

While we’re talking about safety, Run Wild Missoula wants to remind you of our Rules of the Run. They are intended to keep runners and walkers at RWM events safe so we can continue running.

Run Wild Missoula Rules of the Run
1.    Stick to the designated route. We will tell you what the route is, but you are responsible for following it. In most instances, we will not have someone leading the way. Draw a map or write down directions if you need to.
2.    RWM discourages the use of headphones. If you choose to use them, you assume the risk of injury associated with head phones. Please be alert, especially when crossing streets.
3.    No dogs please.
4.    Do not run more than 2 abreast, especially on busy roads, sidewalks or multi-use trails. Yield to vehicles on the road. They are bigger than you are.
5.    Be mindful of your language and conversation content during group runs given that we have some young people joining us this year.
 6.    We do not want to leave anyone behind. If you plan to finish your run in a place other than the designated route please tell someone.  If you drop out of a run, please contact (or have someone contact) the run leader or Runner’s Edge so we are not out looking for you.
7.    You are responsible for your safety while you are running. Obey all traffic signs and rules. Pay attention to your surroundings.
8.    If you are running on a road, please face traffic and run no more than 2 abreast. If there is a confrontation with a motorist, please be respectful and report any issues to the run leader.
9.    If it is going to be dark during the run: Wear reflective clothing, headlamps and a flasher.
10.  If there are people pushing strollers: Those pushing strollers, please stay at the back and be mindful of other runners and traffic. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of the children in the strollers. Children may NOT ride bicycles next to adults during training runs.
11.    If you are injured during a run (or witness an injury), please report it as soon as possible to the run leader.
12.    Do not litter on the course.

Run Wild and Safe,
Executive Director
Eva Dunn-Froebig

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