Missoula All Women’s 5K Run on Diva Day, Oct 12, 2013, Race Director’s Report

Missoula All Women’s 5K Run on Diva Day, Oct 12, 2013

  Run Wild Missoula, hosted by: Community Medical Center.  Thanks to: Alpine PT, Four Paws Veterinary Clinic, Skin Chic, The Living Room, The Runner’s Edge,  Mountain FM102.5, Sauce Headwear,  Lambert Family Chiropractic, The Women’s Club

Spoiler Alert: Have fun, join us or volunteer:  Get ready for Oct 4, 2014. 

Another year and we  celebrated a fantastic fun day.  Is it legal to have this much fun and get great exercise and go 3.1 miles at the same time?  If not, we are in big trouble.  All 1,260 women and kids who participated had smiles for at least most of the time, wow.

We asked our participants what they thought and the answers, and a whole bunch of photos, tell the story best.   Of those who responded…

97% answered loved it or pleased with it;  the majority came for the fun/social aspects of running, 12% for serious running.   We got high marks for the price, location, packet pickup, wave start, neckwear, and of course—the course marshals-thanks guys!

We need to add more parking as the new oncology building and current construction  has changed the finish and start.   Lots of good feedback on the expo and activities but we can also do more to add more excitement and energy to the day.   Same with the food, some gluten free and some warm drink would help on the cold October day.

A full 89% said they will absolutely return, another 9% probable, <1% not returning (they are graduating or leaving town!)  99% plan to recommend to a friend.  One said “You should just debit our cards automatically.”

80% are local, 17% traveled over 30 miles to come for the event.

Some hot coffee would be great,  along with some more heaters. We still plan a 9:30 start to make sure we don’t run over  a wedding over at Heritage Hall or get run over by tanks at the Military Museum.

We need to ramp up the kids run/activities.   More and more moms are bringing their kids and we love to encourage them.

We will do a better and speedier job of processing, displaying and announcing results.

We will make our loudspeakers louder, provide more information on what is happening, and have a permanent table with information staffed the whole event.

Some comments..

  • “I’ve just known about it for years, it seems.” “The ENTIRE TOWN knows about Diva Day!!”
  • “Ridiculous amount of fun!!!! Dancing = awesome,” 
  • “The wave starting system with chipped timing was great. Having 20+ portapotties on site was awesome (esp. for a bunch of women). Costumes were great.”
  • “It’s exciting to see some people participate by walking or running in their first race. it brings people together (family & friends) in a really fun way. I like the sponsor tables that are set up to learn about different services and organizations in our community.”

  • “The course route is much improved. Thanks for taking last years feedback to heart.” , “Helpers on route & water were awesome as usual!”
  • “I loved that the marshals were dressed up for us! It made us feel so special and appreciated!”
  • “This year’s course was very easy for a large crowd. Also, the footing was excellent! Not to mention the fun loving people and gorgeous scenery!”
  • “I placed in my age group for the first time and was looking forward to the awards but it was a long wait and cold. I don’t know if anything can be done about the wait, but just in case it could be I thought I’d mention it.”
  • “1st ever event- loved it.”, “Headgear is great as well.”  Some still would prefer the t-shirts.  Some say ink some say anything but pink 🙂
  • “LOVED that it was not on trails at the beginning this year. Being able to run on the road felt less frustrating when passing the walkers.”
  • “It’s always nice when races give out something other than a t-shirt – although your nontraditional shirts in the past have been nice!”
  • “I went to the special event this year and it was awesome. You really know the mind of the woman, coffee, food, prizes, music, SALES!”

How to improve: Let’s hear what the participants said.

  • “It was a great experience! Thank-you!”; “Music along the route and at the start/end.” 
  • “I think it would be tough to improve upon. This is a well run event and has all sorts of perks, food, fun, costumes, love the guys on the route, vendors, smiles all around. Be proud of yourselves for what you put on.”
  • “This was my first year:) I thought it was very well organized. I had a blast and will do it again every year if possible!! …. Thank you for the great experience:)”
  • “More beauty, wellness giveaways and a real costume contest. We should have won! “
  • “I really enjoyed it! Love having a family team! We had a very good day!”
  • “Course was MUCH better this year!! Parking was worse. Good Work to all involved!”
  • “Continue to make it the fun, fun, crazy event it is every year.”
  • “All the bathrooms were great!!!”, “Have more porta potties along the way….2.1 miles”
  • “I did not care for having the prize drawings before the race or whenever they happened, because we couldn’t hear the announcer but didn’t make the effort to get where we could hear either. “
  • “Leaving more of the parking lot for cars and having the activities last longer after the race. The course was much more stroller-friendly this year, thank you.”
  • “Put more garbage cans around. Even at the water station next to the finish line there wasn’t a can in sight! There wasn’t one in the area at all.”
  • “1mile fun run and better signing for family event, many volunteers were unaware of family event and it was not obvious where the event was located.”
  • “Maybe have different awards, one for best team story, one for best costume, etc… I know it takes a lot to put on these activities but everyone there is thrilled to be there, just small changes would make all the difference.
  • “I would like to thank you. I complained last year that you ran out of food for our last place group (dogs and cats costumes). This year we were still about last and I was HAPPY to see that there was still plenty of food, treat stuff still going on. THANKS for doing that!”



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