The 18th Annual Pumpkin Run

Well over 300 people showed up for the first Sunday running of the Pumpkin 400 meter and 5K.  The run this year was on a Sunday to avoid conflicts with Saturday events that were in the downtown area.  Since the Osprey baseball stadium is such a great venue, we may continue to shift between Sundays and Saturdays in an attempt to work with the Osprey Stadium management and stay at this location.  All proceeds from this race go to the Missoula Food Bank.

Finish of 400 meter kids run – at home plate
Start of the 5K

The overall winner, coming in 113th place, was Mary Stewart of Missoula.  Way to go, Mary!

Once we have consulted The Pumpkin Oracle, we will know what place is the winner next year.  To determine the overall winner in the past you had to add the circumference, the height and the diagonal radius of the largest pumpkin in the garden and then divide by pumpkin pie (3.14159).  But with the advent of large pumpkin pies out of CostCo, the value of pumpkin pie became unusually irrational and we switched to consulting The Pumpkin Oracle prior to the event to find out who really would win the race.  After bribery with chocolate chips, Isaac, a 14 year old 5K race participant, agreed to sum up the event with the quote, “It was a wonderful experience.”  Just imagine that quote was said by a wildly enthusiastic teenager.

Getting ready for the finish

Plenty of great costumes

I would like to give a special thanks to the sponsors which donate to this event each year: Run Wild Missoula, The Runners’ Edge, Missoula Ace Hardware, The Good Food Store, Jack FM 105.9, and The Book Exchange.  Their prizes and banana’s add a lot to the day.  Also thanks to all the volunteers that make this happen each year and a special thanks to the clean up crew that had us out of the stadium by noon!

Barmaids about to cross home plate
And, the great pumpkin!

Hope to see you at the Missoula Turkey Day 8K! Have a great holiday season and don’t forget that reflective gear for the night runs.

Benjamin Schmidt

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