Montana Super Skippers Workshop for Runners

Some may ask who are the Montana Super Skippers, to sum it up, they are a group of jumpers who compete in the sport of jump rope.  Besides that, they love jump rope.  It’s fun, easy, and offers many health benefits.  They want offer the opportunity for adults to learn the skills and work outs of jump rope.
Rope jumping  literally has it all – it works your legs, it works your abs, it works your arms, it works your heart, it works your mind. It increases strength, agility, speed, timing and rhythm. Its impact increases bone density.   It’s both a fantastic cardio and strength training workout all in one.
The Livestrong Website lists the following pluses about jump rope;
Jump rope intervals also boost your aerobic endurance, giving you more bang for your workout buck. Passive rest breaks in between lifts can be substituted with high-intensity rope-jumping sessions that keep your heart rate up and promote fat-burning. Rope jumping can also be used at the beginning of your workout for a warm-up.
Muscle Tone
Even though jumping rope is known as a cardiovascular exercise, a lot of muscles are being worked at the same time. This can create muscle tone and definition. The main muscles this applies to are the calves, shoulders, upper back and core. The calves are among the primary muscles involved with leaping ability. Since jumping rope puts a heavy emphasis on the calves, this activity can increase your vertical leap. This can be especially beneficial in sports such as basketball, football, baseball and volleyball. To make the exercise even more specific to leaping, perform high, exaggerated jumps as you jump rope. Increase the intensity of your jump rope workouts by using a weighted jump rope.
Skills and Guidelines
Physical skills that can be improved with rope jumping include better balance, coordination, timing and agility. A lot of these skills are sport specific, but they can also translate into daily life situations as well. If you have never worked out before, or haven’t in a long time, consult your physician before engaging in any high-intensity exercise. Before you jump rope, stretch well to loosen up your muscles, and do the same after your workouts. Be sure to wear supportive athletic shoes that absorb shock, to decrease the impact on your joints and reduce your risk of injury.
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