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Help with Winter Running

You may find that your feet get tired quicker than usual; that your hip muscles tense up more and that you have to slow down to keep yourself upright at times.  It is helpful to have something on your shoes to help with traction, but you will still get some slight slipping if you are […]

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Member Spotlight: Leanne Vreeland

Name: Leanne Vreeland Age:  54 Place of Birth: Renton, WA Profession: Retired Marine, Family Gal and Business Consultant How long have you lived in Missoula?  Well, that’s an interesting question.  In 2002 my husband, two youngest daughters (ages 11 and 13 at the time) and I rode our tandem bicycles from our home in Stafford, […]

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Catch’em If You Can 5K

The new year is here and as always some things have changed and some have not. Run Wild’s first race of the year is still the Catch’em If You Can 5K coming up on Saturday, February 15th which will be here before you know it, so sign up now.  The race still has its unique […]

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View from the Back: Run-Walk-Run the Missoula Marathon

Is this your year to enter the Missoula Marathon or Half?  Do you hesitate because you worry about being too slow to participate?  Set those fears aside, and read on! Olympian Jeff Galloway has devoted his career to helping people finish distance events injury-free.  Although he works with competitive runners too (and recently qualified for […]

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New Beginnings – Tucknott Family

“Running has taught me, perhaps more than anything else, that there’s no reason to fear starting lines…or other new beginnings”.  –Amby Burfoot Our family is starting a new beginning as we are packing up our running shoes, warm weather gear, and Montana memories.  We are moving to what we hope will another great running community […]

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New Year’s Eve 2-Mile Prediction Run – December 31

New Year’s Eve 2-Mile Prediction Run Slated for December 31 at PEAK Health and Wellness CenterMake your New Year’s Resolution a little early this year and participate in the New Year’s Eve 2-Mile Prediction Run on December 31 at 6 p.m. at PEAK Health and Wellness Center, 5000 Blue Mountain Road. The event is free […]

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Run Wild Missoula Donates $16,000 to Friends of the M Trail

Run Wild Missoula recently made a commitment to donate $16,000 to the Friends of the M Trail to go toward a renovation of the M Trail trailhead. The M is the most used trail in the state of Montana with an average of 1,000 runners and hikers using the trail each day. Runners use the […]

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Run Wild Missoula Welcomes Slate of New Board Members

Run Wild Missoula welcomes three new members of the Run Wild Missoula board of directors starting January 1, 2014. We are proud to include these three valuable individuals among our board members. We had a chance to get to know all three of them—Steve Brown, Suzanne Elfstrom and Bob Homer—recently. Between the three of them […]

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Anterior Knee Pain – (Patellar Tendonitis/Patello-Femoral Syndrome)

Many runners have experienced knee pain during their running career.  The following is some information to help you to figure out what could be happening and what to do if you are experiencing knee pain. What is it? The structures located in the anterior (front) aspect of the knee are the patellar tendon, the patella […]

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