New Beginnings – Tucknott Family

“Running has taught me, perhaps more than anything else, that there’s no reason to fear starting lines…or other new beginnings”.  –Amby Burfoot

Our family is starting a new beginning as we are packing up our running shoes, warm weather gear, and Montana memories.  We are moving to what we hope will another great running community in Corvallis, Oregon.  For many of you that know the Tucknott Family, you know that running is a central part of our life.

Andy and I met a few years ago as undergraduate students at a small college in Wayne, Nebraska.  Running brought us together as we both ran cross country and track for our school, where we had the opportunity to train on endless rolling dirt roads, travel to races with teammates, and limp across campus after tough workouts.  During the summer of my sophomore year I was drawn to the mountains of Colorado as I ran, worked, and played in a mountain resort town located at 9,000 feet.  It was there that I fell in love with the mountains, trails, and got faster.  The following summer Andy and I both returned to train the entire summer and explore every valley or peak we could find.  It only seemed fitting that after college we could venture out to the unknown of Missoula, Montana to start our next adventure.  We have called Missoula home for over 11 years now!  As runners, we love running in Missoula and some of our favorite spots are the Rattlesnake, Tuesday Track at Dornblaser, the Rivertrail, or the University district.  Some of my best memories are from running with the countless friends I have made here in Missoula—and Andy’s experience has been the same. It has been amazing to be a part of the significant growth of Run Wild Missoula which has been a direct outcome of the incredible running community.  I have enjoyed my experience serving on the RWM Board of Directors and Andy has been involved motivating members to join the Montana Cup and Missoula Mile.

Our participation in RWM has been rewarding, meaningful, and provided lifelong friendships.  Few experiences in life can match the bonds and friendships we make from racing a 5K, enduring marathon training, or enjoying an easy day along the Clark Fork.  Now that we have an expanding family, we value running even more.  We love taking our son to local running events or pushing him on our Saturday morning runs in the BOB stroller.  We hope that by raising our kids around running, they will come to appreciate all of the benefits and happiness you can find by being physically active and involved in your community.  As our next adventure is under way we are looking forward to finding more trails to explore, cool races to train for, and logging miles with new friends.  We also hope to motivate and persuade Oregonians to venture over the Continental Divide for the Best Marathon in the West: the Missoula Marathon.  I hope that all RWM members enjoy running in Missoula, getting involved with our thriving organization, and making lifelong running friends…we are so glad that we did!

by Darr Tucknott, RWM member, proud mom, and lifelong runner          

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