View from the Back: Run-Walk-Run the Missoula Marathon

Is this your year to enter the Missoula Marathon or Half?  Do you hesitate because you worry about being too slow to participate?  Set those fears aside, and read on!

Olympian Jeff Galloway has devoted his career to helping people finish distance events injury-free.  Although he works with competitive runners too (and recently qualified for the Boston  Marathon himself at age 68), Jeff is especially devoted to beginning, older, and injury-prone runners.   He loves to help people build an active lifestyle from scratch and to accomplish fitness goals they never considered possible.

In 2014, Run Wild Missoula will offer Galloway marathon and half-marathon training classes for the fourth year in a row.  Those classes use Jeff’s trademarked run-walk-run method which alternates very short run segments with short walk breaks.   The intervals are in most cases measured in seconds (30 run-30 walk, for example) rather than minutes.  Galloway training also emphasizes long run at a pace much slower than the intended race-pace, and classes are organized into pace groups with dedicated pace-group leaders who have completed the program as participants.

More than 300 Run Wild Missoula members have graduated from Galloway training since 2011.  The close friendships formed in established pace groups and enthusiastic support for even the slowest Back-of-the-Packers keep folks coming.  The prerequisite is being able to run-walk at least 3 miles before January 26 for the full marathon; before March 2 for the half.  (Half marathoners who want an extended training season should register for the full marathon class, then switch midway through spring.)  

For more details, see , click “Classes” from the navigation bar, and select the Galloway program of your choice.   You will find a link to online registration through, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Run Wild Missoula offers a total of three training programs timed to bring you to peak performance for the Missoula Marathon and Half on July 13.  The Galloway programs summarized above are coached by Pam Gardiner and Glenn Burwick.  A marathon-half marathon running class coached by Anders Brooker begins March 9.  A marathon-half marathon walking class coached by Candace Crosby begins March 23.

Check them out!  You will find one that works for you.

Jeff Galloway will be here in person the week of January 20 to offer a series of free talks as well as his popular 3-hour running school ($99 general admission or $49 for those who are registered for this year’s Galloway training.)  Watch , Run Wild’s Facebook Page, and advertisements in local media for details about Jeff’s personal appearances in January.  Jeff and his wife Barbara will also be here in July to run the Missoula Marathon.

by Pam Gardiner
Leader of the Back (of the Pack) and Galloway program coach.


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