Member Spotlight: Leanne Vreeland

Name: Leanne Vreeland
Age:  54
Place of Birth: Renton, WA
Profession: Retired Marine, Family Gal and Business Consultant

How long have you lived in Missoula?  Well, that’s an interesting question.  In 2002 my husband, two youngest daughters (ages 11 and 13 at the time) and I rode our tandem bicycles from our home in Stafford, VA to my Grandma’s house in Marysville, WA. Our trip is chronicled at  It was during that adventure that our family fell in love with the Big Sky Country.  So, when I retired from the US Marine Corps in 2005, we packed up our stuff and moved to Missoula – 8 years ago!

When did the running bug first bite you?  I started running cross country when I was in middle school and have continued throughout my life.  After a recent hiatus I am back on the trail and lovin’ every minute of it!

Reasons for joining RWM?  I needed socks. Really.  I stopped in at Runners Edge and found the brochure (and a great pair of socks).  Joining RWM was an easy decision because I wanted to get back into running and the camaraderie of being around folks that enjoy a healthy lifestyle was so inviting!

Do you have a favorite local run, path or trail? We live in the Upper Miller Creek area and there are a gazillion roads and trails just out my front door!  They are all my favorites right now!
Interests other than running?  GRANDCHILDREN!! Who knew being a Grandma could be so awesome!

Who are your heroes? My husband, my daughters – hands down.  But if I had to choose someone outside of my family it would have to be Lady Isabella Lucy Bird, a 19th century woman with an adventurous spirit.

Can’t do without?  F3 – Faith, Family & Friends.

by Terry Stekly, RWM Member

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