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Spring/Boston Marathon Training Class

Winter’s darkness and colder temperatures are here which means spring is just around the corner!  If you have run a marathon and are thinking of doing another this spring, Run Wild Missoula offers the Boston/Spring Marathon Training Class. This advanced class is geared for those individuals who have a 35-40 mile a week base and […]

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Notes from a Newbie – Diva teams and the Run Wild Community

Before I even moved to Missoula I joined Run Wild.  See, I’d been a part of a really fun training group in San Jose, CA and I knew that if I found my running peeps I’d have instant community.  Unfortunately, a pesky old ankle injury has kept me from doing any actual running up until […]

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RWM Member Profile- A Running Expose’

Name:  “Legs” “Legs” Ages: 56 and 59 and we know you don’t believe it. What prompted you to join RWM :  You’ve got to be kidding.  Where else could you meet limbs that are chronically colorful and ready to run themselves into the ground (exhaustion)?   How has the running group contributed to your success? We’ve […]

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