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Member Spotlight: Catherine Price

Serendipitous – that is what I call it when I have a chance encounter with a RWM member that I meet for the first time, outside of running!  Our group is amazingly diverse, we are everywhere.  Enjoy reading about Catherine Price. Name:  Catherine PriceAge: 49 Hometown:  Carmel, IN.  My grandparents took  us camping all of […]

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Run Wild Missoula Library

Hey runners, Check this out! The Run Wild Missoula members’ library is now available for you to peruse down in the RWM office. We have roughly 100 books, magazines and pamphlets – all related to running – just waiting for you to check out and take home. We recently created an online account with […]

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Support Run Wild Missoula During Give LOCAL Missoula Day, May 6

Give LOCAL Missoula is a powerful 24-hour, online giving event that connects Missoulians with community nonprofits like Run Wild Missoula to reinforce the value of both local philanthropic giving and community engagement. LOCAL nonprofits’ involvement in the event will give members of our community the chance to find and support an organization whose mission aligns […]

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View from the Back: Running with Family

I never thought of myself as a runner or even an active person but I guess now I am.  Our family enjoys outdoor activities just as much as the next but I was never the one to suggest an outing.  That sure has changed! I started run/walking after I had Aspynn two and a half […]

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Should Runners Stretch?

Lately I have been asked by many people about stretching, particularly in relation to running.  My answer is yes, but it needs to be done correctly and at the right time.  There has been recent research about the effects of static stretching prior to runs and the decreased ability to run as fast as if […]

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