Member Spotlight: Catherine Price

Serendipitous – that is what I call it when I have a chance encounter with a RWM member that I meet for the first time, outside of running!  Our group is amazingly diverse, we are everywhere.  Enjoy reading about Catherine Price.

Name:  Catherine Price
Age: 49

Hometown:  Carmel, IN.  My grandparents took  us camping all of the US when we were children.  I saw MT when I was about 8, and said to myself, “I am going to live in MT, have a motorcycle, a monkey, and a Jeep.”  I moved to Gt. Falls once, and to Missoula twice.  I have been here this last time for about fifteen years.  I changed my mind about the monkey.

Work Stuff:  I am a psychiatric social worker; I work with adult SDMI clients.

How long have you been running? and what got you into it?  JOGGING, not running.  Three years.
Are you training for a specific run now?  The Missoula Half Marathon

What is your favorite run, trail or path?  The Rattlesnake.

Loves in addition to running:  My daughter, Makenna, age 11.  I read voraciously,  have a strong interest in metaphysics, spiritual growth, and left politics.  I also plan to get back into road biking this summer.  🙂

Terry Stekly, Run Wild Missoula Member

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