View from the Back: Running with Family

I never thought of myself as a runner or even an active person but I guess now I am.  Our family enjoys outdoor activities just as much as the next but I was never the one to suggest an outing.  That sure has changed! I started run/walking after I had Aspynn two and a half years ago and have not looked back since.

Our running all started when Layne went out for cross country his freshman year (he is now a senior) and I thought he was crazy! Why would anyone want to run for miles unless someone or something was chasing them? I started driving him in to Galloway training that January every Sunday and continued to wonder why he enjoyed it so much while I enjoyed my bagel and cream cheese down the block from Runners Edge.

I was soon bit by the running bug myself. I know I never want to run an under six minute mile like he does but I like my slow and steady pace of sixteen minutes a mile with frequent walk breaks just fine. I now pull on my “running” pants and my fancy shoes from the Runners Edge every Sunday to go out for a run/walk with my friends.  I still also drag the teenager out of bed so he can as well even though we welcomed little Craig into the household on Thanksgiving this last year.  In fact the first time I left Craig for more than a few minutes was to go on a Galloway run!  I am now trying to figure out how to afford a new pair of running shoes and a double jogging stroller in the same payday, also a problem I never thought this momma would have.

Now that Layne and I are running “together” we have a bond that is different than it used to be.  We have some of the best talks when we are headed to a race or a training run.  It is just the two of us in the car, no siblings or step-dad to interrupt our talk.  Like I said it is hard to consider myself a runner but at least I am off the couch attempting to get my behind moving.  I have also centered myself into a great group of friends that I never would have made without running.  I share the good times and the bad times and cannot wait to get back out there and run/walk with them.    

Shannie Asmus Miller, Run Wild Missoula Member

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