View from the Back: Tooth Fairies

It all started with the Tooth Fairies.  Jackie, Jennifer and Karen, all employed at Jackie Jones’ dental office came to a shared desire to lose weight and improve their physical condition, endurance and muscle tone. None had been exercising regularly save Jackie, who had been commuting regularly to work by bicycle.

After inconclusive experience with walking the Missoula Half Marathon and lots of suggestions and encouragement from friends, particularly Pam Gardiner and Bruce Randall, they became involved with the running community of Run Wild Missoula and the Jeff Galloway run-walk training philosophy.  His method encourages folks to pick a pace and combination of running and walking intervals at a speed comfortable for their bodies.

Run Wild Missoula provides a Galloway run-walk training regimen of planned, scheduled, mapped routes of varying lengths and self-chosen groups and paces, thus going a long ways toward dealing with the difficulty of motivation (or lack thereof) to train regularly, all leading up to completing the Missoula Half Marathon as a yearly goal.  

Of course, there have been setbacks. Just prior to the last event, Karen incurred an injury precluding her participating in the half marathon.  She began running while suspended in water to rehab, is improving and values the regular exercise to maintain her recently improved fitness level and weight loss.  The fairies all benefited from Karen’s enthusiastic non running support that year.

Both Jackie and Jennifer have escaped debilitating injuries and, with good shoes and pace adjustments, been able to continue run-walking each year. After poo-pooing it as not real exercise, Jen’s husband has converted to the Galloway run-walk on his own, thus is able to continue running after experiencing knee discomfort.

So what’s in the future?  Jackie says she has always been focused on the half marathon.  “I haven’t entered any other runs either in town or away as many Missoula runners do; maybe that will be in my future, I don’t know but am pretty sure I’m going to continue with Run Wild Missoula and the Galloway training group for years to come.  It’s good for me and its fun.”

Lastly, what does the future hold for the Tooth Fairies?  The graphic logo initially developed and printed on tee shirts remains and is worn each year; the tutus have fallen by the wayside, they proved to be itchy and kept falling down.  The half marathon seems to be a doable distance without much risk of injury, and striving for slight, regular time improvements a worthwhile, satisfying goal.

Tooth Fairies – logo

Written by Stuart Crook on behalf of

Dr. Jackie Jones
Jennifer Verlanic
Karen Thomas

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