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Alpine Physical Therapy: Are You Balanced???

Running is different from walking because you are on only one leg at a time with each stride.  With walking you gradually transfer weight from one leg to the other, not so with running.  When you break down running to the most basic motion, it is jumping from one leg to the other over and […]

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Meet RWM members Jennifer Danielson and Julee Hall

Missoula is the hometown for these 33 year old twins.  Jennifer is a Speech Language Pathologist and Julee a preschool special education teacher. Read more about how they started running: How long have you been running and what got you into it?  Jenny: I started running on the cross country team in high school. I […]

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Beginner’s Runners Class

Every fall the beginning running class series inspires a new group of runners to lace up their shoes.  This popular 8 week class is back.  This is truly a beginner’s class and is designed for someone who has never run before or has taken a long break from running.  Our friendly and supportive coaches will […]

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River City Roots Run Returns To Main Street

Who’s feeling Rooty? The popular River City Roots Run, which begins at 10 am on Aug. 24 on the far northern end of Downtown Missoula, will once again finish near the Main Stage on Main Street. For the past three years the 4-mile race finished on the trail system adjacent to the Clark Fork River, […]

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Run Wild Missoula: Annual Meeting, Sept. 10

Annual meeting time is upon us. Well the Run Wild Annual Meeting is a month away, but it is time to mark it on your calendar. This year we are meeting on Wednesday, September 10th with a group run,  dinner and a quick meeting. This year the meeting will feature prizes, awards and speeches, (but […]

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Courage to Start: Sue & Glenn

It’s generally accepted that some of the best stories from any marathon can be found as those in the back of the pack cross the finish line. There you find people who’ve battled illness, injuries, weight, and every personal demon you can imagine. Their successful finishes are rightfully celebrated. Run Wild Missoula thinks something else […]

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View from the Back: Start Them Early

Dixon’s school is tiny, with only 45 pupils in kindergarten through eighth grade, but its goals are big. In addition to the usual reading, science and math, teachers aim to get kids up and running—literally. Every day, Dixon schoolchildren whose parents sign permission slips have the option of running “The Bench” on a two-mile route […]

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