Top 10 Reasons to Add YOGA to Your Running Routine

Top Ten ReasonsYoga for Runners to Add YOGA to Your Running Routine

  1. Running is a repetitive motion in one direction.  Yoga works the muscles in all directions.
  2. Running can stress joints.  Yoga helps you become aware of aligning your spine and your whole body in a way that protects your joints.
  3. Running is great for strengthening your lower body.  Yoga works to bring balance by strengthening your core and upper body.
  4. Runners tend to lose flexibility with age.  Yoga allows you to gradually increase flexibility by bringing muscles through a longer range of motion.
  5. Running, racing in particular, can be physically and mentally intense.  Relaxed focus is encouraged in Yoga poses and breathing practices.
  6. Running requires controlled breathing.  Yoga increases control and awareness of breath.
  7. Pain in familiar to many runners.  Yoga teaches body awareness and is as much about being aware of tension in the muscles as it is about stretching and strengthening them.
  8. Racing is goal-oriented and competitive.  Yoga is not about achievement, but about listening to your body and doing what works for you today.
  9. Runners often have high standards for achievement.  Yoga encourages self acceptance and compassion.  Tapping into that accepting part of yourself can help you feel more satisfaction with your running achievements.
  10. Yoga compliments running and helps to create a more balanced physical and mental runner.

Fall 2014 Yoga for Runners

Tuesday Lunch Yoga
12 Week Session
September 9th-December 2nd (no class the week of Thanksgiving, Nov. 25th)
$78 for Run Wild Members/$85 for non-members

Thursday Evening Yoga
12 Week Session
September 11th-December 4th (no class Thanksgiving, Nov. 27th)
$85 for Run Wild Members/$92 for non-members

To register email Missy Adams at or send registration form and check to Run Yoga Missoula 400 North Avenue East Missoula, MT 59801

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