Run Wild Missoula

Missoula Marathon Committee

Members of the Missoula Marathon Organizing Committee include:

Adam Peterman (Elite Coordinator)

Amy Moore (Recycling)

Anders Brooker (Announcer, Technical Advisor)

Ashley Cossairt (Registration Director)

Chad Taylor (Aid Station Set Up)

Chris Carey (Youth Homes R4K)

Dan Decato (Half Marathon Pacer Leader)

Danelle Gjetmundsen (Volunteer Director)

Eivind Gjetmundsen (Race Bag Pickup)

Ethel Macdonald (Bike Monitor Coordinator)

Erin Clark (Elite Coordinator)

Hillary Ogg (Official Merchandise Sales Coordinator)

Jason Pounds (Medals)

Jeff Dohn (Bus Load Coordinator)

Jeremy Partain (Missoula 5K Director)

Jeri Delys (Expo Volunteers)

Kara Bartlett (Destination Missoula)

Kim Joyner-O’Connor (Kids Marathon)

(Finishline Food)

Lee Macholz (Course Director)

Margie Menendez (Marathon Pacer Corps Leader)

Pam Gardiner (BOP)

Dr. Rob Amrine (Medical Director)

Sally Henkel (RWM Staff)

Scott Rouse (Marathon Start)

(Expo Volunteers)

Tammy Mocabee (Aid Station Volunteers)

Taylor Adamski (RWM Staff)

Darren Bayer (Expo Coordinator)

Tim Brooker (Finish Line Director)

Torrey Holmquist (Marketing/Advice)

Trisha Drobeck (Race Director)

“After training for the first Missoula Marathon (2007) on my own, out of a book ("The Non-Runner's Marathon Book" - I was barely a runner at the time), I found out about RWM. I joined and trained with the group for 2008 and discovered what a joy it is to train, run and commiserate with other runners. Missoula is a wonderful and unique community and RWM is a great reflection of that. I have been a member since and will always be, even though I live abroad. RWM helps me feel connected with the wonderful place and people in Missoula.”

– Rick R.