Trail Running Sessions, Fall 2020

Date: 09/08/2020
Cost: FREE

Trail Running Sessions are back for Fall 2020! Run Wild Missoula is offering a variety of trail running sessions designed to get you ready for a season of strong and healthy trail running. Our trail sessions are geared toward everyone. We offer sessions for people brand new to trails to the experienced trail runner, and everyone in between. 

Registration is closed!

  • All session descriptions are found below. Please read the descriptions carefully
  • Please choose the session appropriate for your current fitness level- not where you hope to be, or where you once were. Self-selecting the correct session will help you, and your classmates, to get the best possible experience from the session
  • All sessions will meet once a week. Sessions will begin the day after Labor Day (Tuesday, September 8th) and end the week of October 12th. Sessions are 6 weeks long
  • RWM Membership is required to participate
  • Sessions are free, but donations to Five Valleys Land Trust are encouraged
  • Attendance is expected at 4 of 6 sessions
  • Sessions are capped at 10 people. No wait list will be maintained. Please only register for a session if you can make it to at least 4

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Trail Class registration will be on RunSignUp. You will need your RunSignUp username and password, as well as your Run Wild Missoula Member ID to register for class. 

Classes will fill quickly. Classes are capped at 10 participants. No waitlist will be maintained.

“How Do I Sign Up for RunSignUp?”

  • Go to
  • Click on the graphic image to the right of the search bar in the upper-right hand corner of the page
  • Click “Create Account”
  • Follow the prompts and click “Register” at the bottom of the page

Your RunSignUp username and password does not have to be the same as your RWM username and password

“How Do I Find My RWM Member ID?”

  • Go to
  • Sign into your RWM account by logging in - enter your username and password in the upper right-hand corner of the page
  • Hover over “Members”
  • Click on “Member Profile”

Session Details:

  • Morning Sessions will begin at 6:30 AM (unless noted otherwise)
  • Evening Sessions will begin at 6:00 PM (unless noted otherwise)
  • Please arrive on time and ready to run
  • All sessions will meet once a week, for 6 weeks
  • Sessions will meet at various trail heads across town. Locations will be communicated to participants.
  • Run with fun and knowledgeable leaders! Learn from some of the most experienced and enthusiastic trail runners in town
  • Experience trail running with a group of people of similar ability levels
  • Get out on the trails and enjoy the great outdoors!


  • Experience trail running with a combined method of running and hiking.
  • In this class you can expect a mixture of running and hiking, each for short periods of time. This class is truly a mixture of running and hiking. 
  • This is not a continuous running class.
  • Examples of trails this class may use are Maclay Flats, Kim Williams, or the Rattlesnake Main Corridor. Do not expect to run/hike on something like the “M” trail.
  • You should expect limited elevation gain on run/hikes of about 3 miles.

Run Hike Run will be offered on Thursday Evenings with Dennis & Danette. 

Trail Running 101

  • Are you new to trail running? Are you looking for a group to get out on the trails with? You've been a runner for years; but, maybe age or injury has slowed you down a bit? Then this may be the class for you!
  • This class is designed for those that can comfortably run a flat road mile at 11 minute - 13 minute per mile pace, and are currently able to run continuously for at least 30 minutes
  • This is a running class - there will be some occasional walking, but running is expected most of the time. Stops are to be expected at trail junctions, to gather again as a group, etc.There will be limited elevation gain in this class.
  • Examples of trails this class may use are Maclay Flats, Kim Williams, Rattlesnake Main Corridor, etc.  Do expect at least one run on something like the “M” trail.
  • You should expect runs that are 3-5 miles long that have limited elevation gain.

Trail Running 101 will be offered on Wednesday Mornings with Ashley & Vicky, Wednesday Mid-Mornings with Patty & Melissa (9 AM CLASS), and Wednesday Evenings with Jordan & Kathy.

Trail Running 201

  • This class is for those with prior trail experience AND/OR significant road experience. Trail experience is not required for this class.
  • This class is designed for those that can comfortably run a flat road mile at 8 minute - 10 minute per mile pace; and are currently able to run continuously for at least 60 minutes
  • You can expect moderate climbing in this class. ~1,000 feet per class.
  • Breaks (walking and stopping) will be minimal. You can expect to stop at trail junctions.
  • Examples of trails this class may use are Blue Mountain, Sentinel, Jumbo, North Hills, Spring Gulch, etc.
  • You should expect runs of 4-6 miles with moderate elevation gain.

Trail Running 201 will be offered on Monday Evenings with Darren & Scott, Tuesday Evenings with Jeff & Sarah, and Tuesday Evenings with Josh & Julie.

Trail Running 301

  • This class is geared for trail racers.
  • This class is expected to be challenging and technical.
  • This class will contain workouts such as hill repeats, scree scrambles, and other fun things!
  • This class is for those with prior trail experience AND/OR significant road experience.
  • This class is designed for those that can comfortably run a flat road mile in 8 minutes or under; you must currently be able to run continuously for at least 90 minutes
  • There will be no walking/stop breaks in this class. (exceptions: trail junctions)
  • Climbing is to be expected - ~2,000 feet per class. This class may also include technical ascending and descending.
  • Examples of trails this class may use are the M, Mount Sentinel, Jumbo, North Hills, etc.
  • You should expect runs of 5-8 miles with significant elevation gain.

This Class will meet on Thursday Mornings with Jesse at Run Wild Missoula (304 North Higgins Ave).

While we are happy to offer in-person training opportunities to our members, the status of in-person training classes is subject to change at any time based upon guidance from state and local health officials as we are still in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. The class schedule, duration, or format could change based on the direction of Phase Two and the status of the virus. 

It’s no secret that our classes will look different this year as we navigate our way through these challenges, so we ask that you follow all the rules set forward and understand that we are trying our best to mitigate the risks of transmission. 

During this time of COVID-19, there are inherent risks involved in participating in in-person training classes, races, and events. While we are working to take reasonable precautions, based on state and local guidelines, to provide a safe environment, we cannot guarantee the safety of all involved.  If you are concerned about your personal safety, we would suggest that you forego our in-person activities and consider our virtual options. 

What we are doing:

  • Trail Sessions are limited to 10 participants (plus 1 or 2 class leaders)
  • Classes are open to Run Wild Missoula members only
  • Masks/face coverings will be required in indoor environments 
  • Masks/face coverings will be required in outdoor environments pre and post run
  • Masks/face coverings are not required when actually running and walking
  • If members choose to wear a mask/face covering when running or walking, please support them in their choice
  • Please go to the bathroom before class. There will be no available bathrooms 
  • Sanitation products will be made available if class meets inside
  • There is to be no lingering at trail heads. All leaders and participants are expected to show up in a timely manner, start the run on time, and then head home once the run is completed
  • Carpooling is not encouraged
  • Social Distancing is highly encouraged

While participating in classes, we ask that you practice good social distancing. Social distancing, together with appropriate use of masks/face covering, has been demonstrated as the best weapon that we have at this time in fighting the spread of this virus. We must do our part to ensure the health and safety of those around us. As such, we still encourage you to follow good social distancing and hygiene practices. 

  • To the greatest extent possible, maintain at least 6-feet of separation from others
  • Does not include members of your family who live with you
  • No hugs, handshakes, high fives or elbow bumps
  • Practice good hand washing and hygiene
  • Sneeze or cough into a tissue, handkerchief or the inside of your elbow
  • Don't pose together for selfies
  • Stay home if you feel any sign of sickness or illness
  • Spend time outside every day to brighten your mood and to get a good dose of Vitamin D
  • If it seems too busy or crowded, consider running or walking somewhere else
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