Monthly BOP Social

March 19th - Due to COVID-19, many Run Wild Missoula events and classes have been cancelled or suspended. We will be following the CDC’s guidelines for large group events; and, the recommendations of the Missoula City-County Health Department. BOP Social: The March 21st and April 18th BOP Socials have been cancelled.

Additional updates will be posted here and on the individual race, class and activity pages as more information becomes available. For more information, click here for the CDC’s website; or click here for City-County Health website.

In spite of all the cancellations and suspensions, we still encourage you to get out and get in your runs and walks.  If nothing else, think of it as important self-care for your physical and emotional health. 

BOP Run-Walk Socials are held at locations around Missoula, and occasionally in surrounding communities - from Frenchtown to Bonner to Stevensville.  Socials are based at parks, restaurants/breweries, or members' homes.  Most socials are potlucks and easy run/walk routes of 2-4 miles are identified for each event.

Run Wild Missoula organizes Back of the Pack socials on a near-monthly basis.  We make every effort to schedule these events around RWM and Runner's Edge races, and other major running and community events.  Because that challenge peaks in May and June, we will not be holding BOP socials these months.  We encourage you to enjoy the wealth of running opportunities and social settings for hanging out with buddies this time of year.

Our Next BOP Social:


Saturday, March 21st

3:00 PM: Meet at Bayern Brewing (1507 Montana Street)

Run or walk 2-3 miles on the Milwaukee Path

4:00 PM: Reconvene at Bayern for social connection. We will be ordering off the menu.

Special thanks to Vicki Morgan for hosting!


Saturday, April 18th

2:00 PM: Meet at Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge (Stevensville, MT)

Meet at the River Trail Parking Lot

Run or walk 2-3 miles in Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge

3:00 PM: Reconvene at Blacksmith Brewing (114 W Main Street, Stevensville) for social connection & potluck. Please bring a snack to share. Beverages will be available for purchase. 

Special thanks to Laurel Anders for hosting! 

The BOP makes every effort to host socials nearly every month. There will be no BOP Socials in May and June due to the amount of major running and community events during this time of year. We encourage you to get out and enjoy these events with your BOP Buddies! 

Questions? Email BOP Leader, Pam Gardiner

Do you have questions or need more information?  Email Back of the Pack Leader, Pam Gardiner

Run Wild Missoula Rules of the Run

  1. Stick to the designated route. We will tell you what the route is, but you are responsible for following it. In most instances, we will not have someone leading the way. Draw a map or write down directions if you need to.
  2. RWM discourages the use of headphones. If you choose to use them, you assume the risk of injury associated with head phones. Please be alert, especially when crossing streets.
  3. No dogs please.
  4. Do not run more than two abreast, especially on busy roads, sidewalks or multi-use trails. Yield to vehicles on the road. They are bigger than you.
  5. Be mindful of your language and conversation content during group runs given that we may have some young people joining us.
  6. We do not want to leave anyone behind. If you plan to finish your run in a place other than the designated route please tell someone. If you drop out of a run, please contact (or have someone contact) the run leader so we are not out looking for you.
  7. You are responsible for your safety while you are running. Obey all traffic signs and rules. Pay attention to your surroundings.
  8. If you are running on a road, please face traffic and run no more than two abreast. If there is a confrontation with a motorist, please be respectful and report any issues to the run leader.
  9. If you are injured during a run (or witness an injury), please report it as soon as possible to the run leader.
  10. If it is going to be dark during the run: Wear reflective clothing, headlamps and a flasher.
  11. If there are people pushing strollers: Those pushing strollers,please stay at the back and be mindful of other runners and traffic. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of the children in the strollers. Children may NOT ride bicycles next to adults during training runs.
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