Pengelly Double & Single Dips

Saturday, June 06, 2020

Run Wild Missoula is pleased to announce the 17th Annual Pengelly Double Dip &  Bob Hayes Single Dip will take place on Saturday, June 6, 2020.

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Entry Fees: All participants will receive chip timing, on-course aid, post-race refreshments, and more!
Run Wild Missoula members receive $3 discount - must have member ID number during registration.

  • Pengelly Double Dip: Limited to 250 Participants
    • March 5th through May 31st
      • $43 without race shirt
      • $55 with optional, add-on race shirt
    • June 1st through Race Day**
      • $53 without race shirt
      • $65 with optional, add-on race shirt
      • **Only available if the participant cap has not been met
  • Bob Hayes Single Dip: No Participant Limit
    • March 5th through May 31st
      • $33 without race shirt
      • $45 with optional, add-on race shirt
    • June 1st through Race Day
      • $43 without race shirt
      • $55 with optional, add-on race shirt

    New for 2020 - Optional, Add-On Race Swag:  In order to be more socially responsible, we will be offering an opt-in option for race swag, a casual tee shirt.  This will allow us to more accurately order the amount of swag for the event and reduce the amount of waste we produce.

    Wait List, Refunds, Transfers, Bib Exchanges and Deferrals:  Click Here for 2020 Information

    Packet Pickup:

    • Friday, June 5th from 3:00 - 6:00 PM at Run Wild Missoula
    • Saturday, June 6th from 7:00 - 7:45 AM at the Race Start
      • Packet Pickup will end promptly at 7:45 AM on race morning for both the Double and Single Dips. We will not be able to provide you a bib number after 7:45 AM.
      • We need the time between 7:45 AM and 8:00 AM to get all of your data entered into the system for accurate race timing and results.
      • And, we want to give you plenty of time to warm up and make it through the bathroom line before the races start.

    Race Times:

    • Pengelly Double Dip: 8:00 AM
    • Bob Hayes Single Dip: 8:30 AM

    Courses: Both races start and finish at River Bowl East (south side of Clark Fork River, near the UM/Van Buren footbridge)

    • Pengelly Double Dip: A tall half marathon with 2700 ft of elevation gain.  Very challenging and always worth it! Limited to 250 registrants.
    • Bob Hayes Single Dip: Probably the toughest first mile of a 10K that you'll ever do.  After that, it ain't so bad!  Best views in town!  There is no participant limit in the Bob Hayes Single Dip.
    • Cupless event!  Aid stations and the start/finish area will not have disposable cups.  You will be required to carry your own HydraPak Speed Cup, a hand-held water bottle, or hydration pack  during the event.  Plenty of water and sports drink will be available from which you can fill your cup or hydration device.
    • Course Time Limits
      • Double Dip: Strictly Enforced
        • Start Line to Saddle - 1 hour 30 minutes (9:30 AM)
        • Return to Saddle after Beacon - 2 hours 30 minutes (10:30 AM)
        • If you miss the first or second cutoff, your bib will be removed at the Saddle Aid Station.  You have two options to leave the mountain:
          • You can come down on foot without your bib
          • You can ride down with the aid station volunteers after the equipment has been cleaned up (approx 10:45 AM)
      • Single Dip: None


    • Top Three Overall Male & Female Finishers in the Pengelly Double Dip
    • Top Three Overall Male & Female Finishers in the Bob Hayes Single Dip

    Glutton for Punishment & Ice Cream Lover:
    The Super Nova will return.  What is the Super Nova you ask?  Well... it's a Double-Double Dip.  That's right.  You do the course once before the actual start, then run it again as part of the official race.  While we will ask that you check in with the race director at the start or finish of your first loop, do be aware that loop one is purely voluntary, self-supported, and not part of the official Pengelly Double Dip event.
    Super Nova finishers are an elite group, with a select few having completed the challenge over the years.  John Hart and Randy Tanner were the first to achieve this enviable distinction!  Are you are tough as those guys?  If so, and you complete the Double-Double Dip, you will receive a gift card so you can buy your very own Super Nova ice cream treat at Big Dipper!

    Questions?  Email Race Director, Jamie Swartz

    Course Records:


    Nicole (Hunt) Murray
    2015; 1:53:52


    Kiefer Hahn
    2011; 1:34:36

    Current Course

    Rye Palen
    2013; 43:58

    Starting 2009

    David Cresap
    2014; 38:23

    Click Here for Past Results

    The organizers of the Pengelly Double Dip & Bob Hayes Single Dip would like to thank the following for the gracious support in organizing this event: Lolo National Forest, the University of Montana, Missoula Parks and Recreation, and the City of Missoula.  The Pengelly Trail Races are a Run Wild Missoula event.  This event is permitted by the Lolo National Forest, University of Montana, and Missoula Parks and Recreation.

    About Dave Pengelly: The Double Dip run would have been a favorite event for Dave, because it combined many of the things he adored:  Mount Sentinel, where he had hiked since early childhood; strenuous outdoor activity; and an opportunity to enjoy, tease, and probably harass his beloved friends.  Throughout his life, Dave poured his incredible energy into enjoying the outdoors, especially the mountains and all manner of mountain sports.  He loved to share those passions with many friends, family members, and his younger brother in the Big Brothers and Sisters program.  He also supported various organizations that fought to preserve his favorite wild areas.  Dave died June 13, 2003, in a mountain climbing accident in the North Cascades in Washington.  The speakers at his memorial service, without design, presented a combined sermon on Dave's message to them, a message reinforced by the Double Dip run: get out there and live!  The race is now organized by Run Wild Missoula, which encourages entrants to contribute generously to Missoula Youth Homes.

    About Bob Hayes:  Bob's running legacy was established in the mid-1990s with dozens of half marathons, marathons, and ultramarathons.  His active lifestyle included running 30 to 40 road races each year into his late 80s.  When he wasn't running, he was cutting his own firewood by hand, hauling hay to his cattle, or tapping his maple trees for syrup.  Bob died on May 14, 2018 of natural causes.  He was an inspiration to runners across Montana and around the world.  He touched so many lives with his indomitable spirit and unceasing determination to do things the hard way.  His spirit will continue to live on in every runner who ever toed the line with him, who were encouraged by him midway through a race, and who celebrated with him at the finish line.  To learn more about Bob's story, check out the film The Hard Way.
    Photo Credit: Erik Petersen Photography

    Questions?  Email Race Director, Jamie Swartz

    Refunds, transfers, and deferrals will be addressed as per the information listed above. 

    To view the RWM race cancellation policy, click here.

    Per Run Wild Missoula event policies, dogs are not allowed to participate in the event, with the exception of ADA Service Animals.  Service animals must be on non-retractable, 6 foot or less leash.

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