Ask a Coach

Do you have a burning question about running or walking? Maybe something that you've been wanting to ask about for days, months, or even years? Well, this is your chance to Ask a Coach! 

We will take your question to the Coach best suited to answer your question. We have a wide variety of professionals on hand to answer nearly any question out there. Question about running gear? We can handle it. Question about nutrition for athletes? We can handle that too! Remember there is no such thing as a silly question. Go ahead and ask away! 

We strive to provide you with the most complete and clear answer. Please be patient with us and our Coaches as we work to provide you the best information! We cannot guarantee that every question will be answered. 

Submitting a question is easy as pie! Simply click HERE to be redirected to our Ask a Coach submission form. The only thing that’s required is your question (your name and email is optional if you’d prefer to stay anonymous)!

If your question is chosen, it will be shared publicly via Run Wild Missoula’s social media platforms and newsletters. At most, we will only share your question and first name. Our goal for this new program is to provide educational and insightful tools for the entire running and walking community in Missoula and beyond. 


Answered questions can be found on our blog

Do you have questions about Ask a Coach? Please email Tony

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