April BOP Social



Saturday, April 27

2:00 PM: NOTE - We are meeting an hour earlier than our recent habit.  It's good to shake things up.

Take East Broadway or I-90 to Bonner
Park and meet at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Bonner at the corner of Hwy 200 and Hwy 10 East

Run and/or walk out and back on the paved trail toward Turah (formerly the SuperFund run route)

3:00 PM: Drive north on Kwy 200 through Bonner to Cold Smoke Lane
Left on Cold Smoke, follow road to amphitheater and (just past that) the new KettleHouse Taphouse
DO NOT park in the accessible spaces closest to the taphouse; use the large graveled parking to the left

Potluck: KettleHouse welcomes us to bring our own food.  Please purchase beverages and rbing a snack to share

Many thanks to Laurel Anders for hosting this month's event!  So pleased to be trying a new venue and to be going east of Missoula for a change.

Questions?  Email Back of the Pack Leader, Pam

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