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Date: 08/13/2017
Cost: $20.00


Run Wild Missoula is offering Get in Shape, a Run-Walk-Run® class designed by Jeff Galloway. The 10-week class will prepare participants for RWM’s fall 5K races:

Diva Day all-women’s event (Saturday, October 7)

Pumpkin Run (Sunday, October 22)


The class will meet for 60-90 minutes on Sundays, beginning

            Sunday August 13, 8:00 am

            Run Wild Missoula (Basement of Runner’s Edge - 304 N Higgins)

            Enter by way of the back door off the alley


Informal 30-minute group runs will meet on

            Tuesday evenings, 6:00 pm, outside Run Wild Missoula

            Thursday evenings, 6:00 pm, at the Currents parking lot in McCormick Park


Sunday runs will begin at 1 mile and build gradually to 3.5 miles the Sunday before Diva Day.  Speakers on introductory running topics will also be featured.


Cost:  $20 includes Jeff Galloway’s e-book, Get In Shape

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·      Note: class cost does not include RWM dues or goal race registration




Run-Walk-Run® is an approach to running pioneered by Olympian Jeff Galloway. The method alternates gentle running with frequent walk breaks.


The Run-Walk-Run® approach presents a low risk of overuse injury.  It is an excellent method for new runners starting at any fitness level.  Experienced runners coming back from injury, illness, surgery, childbirth, etc. can also benefit from the program.

Training programs designed by Jeff Galloway emphasize a supportive running community. Dedicated pace group leaders offer personal coaching and facilitate bonding among pace-mates. No one is left behind, no matter how slowly they are moving on a given day.

Run Wild Missoula also offers a Beginner Running 101 class.  Although that class begins by using walk breaks between run segments, the objective of the class is to run continuously.  In contrast, the Get in Shape class trains people to adopt Run-Walk-Run® as a long-term fitness strategy.


Not sure which class to take?  Questions about RWM's Get in Shape?  Email Pam Gardiner


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