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Run Wild Missoula is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and support runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.  Our programs range from beginner runner training classes to advanced trail running classes.  No matter what your fitness level, our goal is to keep you fit and healthy and reap the health and social benefits that come with running and walking with other Run Wild Missoula members.

Run Wild Missoula races, training programs and memberships are minimally fee-based to allow us to continue to fulfill our mission.  Members can attend weekly and monthly group runs, get a newsletter to stay informed about running/walking in the community, and get discounts at local retail stores, physical therapists, massage therapists and more.  Click here to find out more about Run Wild Missoula membership.

Run Wild Missoula also supports other organizations and projects that benefit running and walking in Missoula like Five Valley's Land Trust.

Run Wild Missoula Contributed over $45K in 2016

The local nonprofit running club supports projects and programs in the community that help fulfill Run Wild Missoula’s mission to support and promote running and walking in the community.  Additionally, Run Wild Missoula donated race proceeds from several annual events.  

Run Wild Missoula’s largest contribution in 2016, in the amount of $26,200, was awarded to Five Valley’s Land Trust.  Five Valleys Land Trust is working to create new protected open space and public recreation opportunities on more than 4,200 acres across Mount Dean Stone, above Missoula's south side neighborhood. The effort seeks to create a connected complex of open space lands between Pattee Canyon and Miller Creek.  For more information about the Mount Dean Stone project, click here.

The Hard Way Film about local running legend, Bob Hayes, received $5,000 to assist with post-production.  Run Wild Missoula’s other contributions include $3,275 to Missoula Parks & Recreation; $1,500 to the Ava Nicole Breast Health Fund from the Diva Day 5K in October; and the Turkey Day 8K & 3K in November contributed $1,677 to the Missoula Food Bank.

Additionally, approximately $7,500 was contributed across various Missoula organizations, including Missoula Youth Track Club, Montana Trail Crew, Destination Missoula Sports Commission, Sentinel High School Cross Country, and more.

Run Wild Missoula has contributed to other trail projects in the community.  In 2008, Run Wild Missoula collaborated with Missoula Parks and Recreation on the mile marker project along the Kim Williams Trail.  Click here to read a Missoulian article about the project.

In 2010, Run Wild Missoula members did maintenance on the M Trail, including carrying buckets of gravel and wood to improve the path and steps along the most well-traveled trail in Montana.  The running club also recently helped create a new half mile stretch of a trail in the North Hills in partnership with the City of Missoula and Wildlands Restoration Volunteers.

Run Wild Missoula projects, including races, training programs, seminars and trail projects, would not be possible without over 1,600 members, many whom give countless hours and energy.

 Photo by Neil Chaput de Saintonge

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