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Founded in August 2013 by a group of local trail runners, Montana Trail Crew became a part of Run Wild Missoula in January 2017. As an educational and conservation-based organization for mountain and trail runners, Montana Trail Crew is devoted to strengthening the Montana trail running community and advocating for the open space and wild lands where we run.

As the sport of trail running grows, Run Wild Missoula hopes that Montana Trail Crew will continue to serve as a vehicle through which we can act as stewards of our local trails and a means to bind our state’s geographically sprawling trail running community. Montana Trail Crew operates a website that is the premier source of information and stories about Montana trail running people, places, and events; it organizes public lands stewardship projects, such as trial work days; hosts the annual Mountain Running Film Festival each fall in Missoula; and coordinates the Treasure State Trail Series to build cohesion among Montana’s geographically sprawling trail running community.

As one of Montana Trail Crew’s founders explained in 2013, “On the surface, we understand—as any trail runner does—that we need open spaces and healthy wild lands to do what we do. We need to safeguard access to the trails that we use every day.”

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